R.I.P. 13 March 2013

Rest in peace old friend. We are gathered here to mourn the untimely death of IYAAYAS Moderator. Unfortunately your entire existence was wiped off the map of cyberspace in a blink of an eye. Let it be known to everyone everywhere that you served me well for many, many years. There will never be a more loyal friend that anyone could ever ask for, you were always there for me and others. I never thought I would see the day when you would be killed off by a faceless system. I knew I would eventually have to bury you, but I never knew it would be under these circumstances. It has brought a tear, or two, to my eyes these last few days and not seeing you. You spent many years enduring daily life and and always found a way to do it another day. You are truly missed.


We must move on old friend, there is still much life to live, much life to see, and much to do. Please don’t think you are merely being replaced as I believe that The Sting of the Scorpion Blog is your reincarnation. Your spirit can be seen reaching up from the rubble, pushing through the dust, and passing the torch on to the next generation. Even though your death was violent and sudden, coming without warning, I want you to go easy. Go easy my friend, walk to the light, embrace the light, become the light. Even though you are no longer with us, we will remember you for all of time because we know your spirit will always be present. We had a good run and hopefully you are in those greener pastures we here hear so much about, now you are free to run and run you should. Rest in peace IYAAYAS Moderator.

11 responses to “R.I.P. 13 March 2013

  1. Well, I consider myself honoured to have just got on board at the dawn of a new age.(fortunate really, as the rest makes no sense to me- IYAAYAS?)Looking forward to following your new incarnation…


  2. Well, where to start to ease the confusion. IYAAYAS Moderator was my old alter identity for my past blogs which were killed off by Google with the premis that I violated a policy, and yes that is as specific as the deletion information has been. However, for all the new people and people interested I have established an "Archives" section, seen at top of this page, for what I could retrieve from web snapshots.


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