Is An Angry Fan Still A Fan?

Originally Published To: Hate Mail on 20 March 2013

First of all, welcome to a new addition for me on The Sting of the Scorpion blog called amply enough, Hate Mail. On prior blogs I received, on a daily basis, at a bare minimum 5 e-mails from people who hated my guts or wished ill things to happen to me. Oddly enough, in under a week, in only 5 days, with a brand spanking new blog and a brand spanking new e-mail address, I found that my resident haters caught up with me. Not to give anyone bad press, but the only 2 places I promote my blog is on BC and FB. Y’all can do the math from there. It was established a very long time ago that I do not write to please anyone but myself and that the hate mail only makes me laugh. In the past I would waste space on my actual blog having fun with the e-mailer. Well, not this time. This time around I am dedicating an entire page to showcase nothing but hate mail.  So, without further ado, I shall get right into it.

“Wow! You are the gleaming example of what happens when you stomp on a shit, it splatters everywhere. Here I thought we would all have some peace and quiet after your blogging mishap. You proved me and to countless others that you are no better than a disease that can’t be killed. I have wondered what exactly the policy was that you violated. They must have got smart overnight and decided to make someone who is stupid in violation of the stupidity clause. I’m not worried, I know they are on to you now, so we will not need to tolerate you crap any longer.”


Now, those of you who have poked around the blog a bit have seen that I have an open comment section which is unmoderated unless I have you listed as a blocked member or e-mail address and the it will not post it, but it does send me a copy of the comments to approve if I want to. As you can tell, I didn’t want to approve it. I was waiting for number one so it would help me explain the purpose of this page. I hope I have got my point across. Expect entries to this page on a regular basis I am sure.

Please take time to let The Sting Of The Scorpion know what you are thinking.

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