Big Shout Out To Robyn Y.

Generally people reading my blogs only see me “calling out” people for the stupid crap that they do. In turn, I then spend a fair amount of time  bitching about their actions or what I didn’t like or understand. Well, we’re taking a break from all of that on this post because I would like to share a fan e-mail I got over this long 4th of July weekend. Now, I do get nice e-mails frequently from people telling me to keep up the good work and don’t change the my ways just because some people choose not to understand. There is what I thought was a good reason for not ever posting anything about those kind of e-mails and that is the mere fact that I don’t need my ego stroked or brag about how great people thing I am. That was all shattered with a very well written e-mail from a “fan” of my blogs. She had plenty of nice things to say about what she thought about me. Let me introduce Robyn Y. from Houston Texas. Robyn is 23 and a recent graduate of the University of Houston. Robyn says that she has secretly followed me from way back when I worked at the club and states we have even met there. One would think I would remember her, but in my defense I met so many people I am really surprised I even remember what I even look like. Without further ado, let me put out her e-mail. I think she might be shocked I’m posting it here but I thought I would share just this once.
I don’t know if you ever get e-mails that aren’t bitching you out for what you write. I wanted to let you know that I’m very happy that you have not waivered from your way of sharing information about your life and that which surrounds you on a daily basis. I can appreciate your desire to share it all eventhough it may be hard for many people to swallow. You don’t hold back and I can see that because you don’t sugarcoat anything how some might feel you are trying to shove it all down their throat. You understand that many people choose to go through life not wanting to recognize the facts that not everything is peaches and cream. Just keep doing it the same way you have been doing it because there are many of us who love your perspectives.
I was a bit surprised when you started your Magic Weekend blog of Sex, Jail, Money, Blood, or Fame. I think you might want to add an additional category, that would be “Tattoos” because many people go out on the weekend ink free and find themselves at work Monday morning with some fancy new ink. I will send you an additional e-mail later this weekend and tell you the story of how, why, and when I got my scorpion tattoo. The funny thing about my scorpion tattoo is in a way you were an inspiration for what I had done. Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not stalking you, I got it to represent me as a Scorpio, it only seemed fitting. There you have it, you need to add that category because I think you will get a great deal of stories. Just go do it.
I would like to leave you with a final thought. Not everyone understands that there is the story of life for each and every person and many times it falls below the expectations of others. This tends to piss many people off for some reason. Makes me wonder what skeletons those people have in their closet. Just keep it rolling, you have proven that even when all of your other blogs were deleted that you bounced right back with a vengeance. Most people would have just quit. Thank you for not quitting on all of us who look forward to reading your blogs because I never know what to expect.
Your Friend,
Robyn Y.
Houston, Texas
Eventho I wrote Robyn a nice e-mail thanking her for the kind words and suggestions I wanted to publicly thank her here. She’s right, most of the crap I get is hateful vile bullshit and it is nice to get an e-mail that gives me motivation. Like I mentioned above, I don’t need my ego stroked to be able to function daily, but it was a very nice surprise hearing from Robyn. Robyn included other pictures she thought I would like besides the one above but unfortunately I cannot use them on this blog. Anyone who wants to send me pictures, stories, or just e-mails is free to do so and very much appreciated. Be sure to check Sex, Jail, Money, Blood, or Fame for her story. I did get her e-mail and I will be posting it as soon as I get a break from work.

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