Robyn’s Tale

Today’s story comes from Robyn Y. of Houston Texas. She is a 23 year old recent graduate of the University of Houston. I post another of her e-mails on my other blog, Big Shout Out To Robyn Y., where I introduced her and told everyone she had another e-mail sent to me explaining how and why she got her great scorpion tattoo. I won’t go into that post much so if you didn’t check it out then you can break away here, follow the link above, read the post, and then return. Everybody back? It appears so, in that case I will begin with her e-mail and let her tell you her story. Before I do tho, I just want to mention to everyone, including Robyn, that these two pictures were the only “usable” pictures for me to use to illustrate her story. Oddly enough, Robyn had sent me 17 pictures, she said it was to keep me smiling, and I still am. Just use your imagination knowing I didn’t have to. Thank you Robyn, I’m still smiling.
I hope this e-mail makes it to you intact as I wanted to send you a few personal pictures for you to use if you choose to post this story on your Sex, Jail, Money, Blood, or Fame blog. Which reminds me, as long as I’m on the topic of your blog, I would like to give the recommendation to add another category, “Tattoos”, since there are many of us who have a weekend story about getting a tattoo. Just a thought since my story contains money, blood, and a tattoo. I hope you don’t mind me the idea or the recommendation of adding a tattoo category. I will let that thought sink in and I will tell you my weekend and how it came about.
 Around a year ago or so I was reading your bartending blog and came across different posts about you working at a strip club here in Houston. From the way you described it and the area you described I thought I would check you out to see if you were for real. A hard task since there aren’t any pictures of yourself on your blogs. But I had to see if you were really you. You’ll never guess what I found out. After I sat down at your bar and watched you work, watched you interact with the customers, and especially how you interacted with the strippers, I knew I was in the right place with the right person. We talked a bit, you and I, because I asked about some of your crazy drinks and the names you had given them. I remember distinctly that you told me to put up or shut up and stop being such a pussy. I think you have been the first and last person I have ever had call me a pussy to my face. I tried a few of your drinks and you proceeded to get me real fucked up, for free even, I never paid for a single drink. This was the first bar I had ever been in where the bartender bought all the drinks for me. I wondered if you were just being nice to me or if you were just trying to get me drunk to see if I would get naked for you. I remembered so many of your stories and it made me wonder if I would be next. Well, you probably don’t even remember me anyways. Since you never got to see me naked that night I decided to include a few extra pictures just for you in this e-mail.
I had always wanted to get a tattoo. I never knew where I wanted to get it or what exactly I wanted to get. I did know I didn’t want it to be big or visible unless I wanted it to be visible. Then it hit me. I’m a Scorpio and the decision was made to get a scorpion tattoo. In fact, I “borrowed” a tattoo of yours that you had drawn for someone, I think yourself, and I decided to use it. I know it was wrong of me not to ask permission and I’m hoping you don’t mind. Either way, as you can see, I did get the tattoo. I remember asking a few different artists their methods and their prices because this was my first tattoo and I didn’t want my first to be a fucked up disaster. After I got the nerve up and the money saved, I headed out to the tattoo parlor to get a little ink done. I was wearing something similar to what I’m wearing in the picture of me showing you my tattoo. I didn’t want to have to strip down in a public place. But, when I got there, I noticed this blonde about my age getting a tattoo inside her bikini line and I wondered to myself if I could do that. I acted very casual as I watched her get her tattoo, I was mesmerized at the fact that she was getting a tattoo right there. Why? I’m very ticklish and I thought it would tickle me in a weird sensation way. I just kept watching, surprised at the amount of blood the artist would wipe away, and I didn’t know just how well I would handle all of that since I’m not a fan of seeing my own blood.
Soon enough it was my turn. A heavily tattooed woman walked out to greet me, I felt as if I was at the doctor’s office getting led back for my appointment. She asked if I knew what I wanted so I showed her my picture. She told me that it was very doable. She had me have a seat while she made a copy of the drawing. I was getting very nervous at this point. Three or four times I was ready to just jump up and run the hell out of there without getting a tattoo nor ever looking back. When she turned to me to show me the copy I was pretty impressed because it looked just like the drawing I brought in, except it was in a mirror image of it. She asked me where I wanted it. Instead of answering her I just unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down about mid-thigh. Then, I put my hand where I wanted it. Since I keep the kitty bare it was easy to show here exactly where I wanted it and knew someone wouldn’t be shaving me. She wiped me down real good and then laid the drawing down to position it. She had me look to verify this was a good placement and I agreed. She turned to prep her ink and returned to begin. I head my head laid back and turned to the side so I couldn’t see what she was doing because I didn’t want to watch. When I felt her warm hand on my bare skin, pulling it tight so she could begin, I freaked out. I yelled at her to wait just a fucking minute because I wasn’t ready any more. She immediately stopped and sat upright with this horrified look on her face. At that moment I just knew I made her screw up and I was going to be left with some weird mark down there. But wait, the needle never touched me, but I had to look just to be damn sure. I was so embarrassed, here I am, laying on this table with most of my business exposed to the world, an artist staring at me like I just ran over her favorite cat, and I began to cry out of the shame.
She was very consoling as she wiped me back down. She knew I was done. She knew that tattoo was not getting put where I had said to put it. She told me it was fine in a very motherly tone. I just asked if we could be done and if I owed her anything for wasting her time. She shook her head no and said we were good and for me not to worry about it. Feeling guilty, I left her with a $20.00 tip. I left the shop and went down the street to get me a drink from a bartender I knew. He made me a special margarita because I didn’t know what I actually wanted. Seemed to be common on this day. You got me drunk again but because we didn’t really talk my problem never actually got solved. I wanted to tell you what had happened but feared you would laugh and really think I was a pussy for sure this time. I was in there for a few hours before I decided to just give up and go home. Shortly after I got home I took off my clothes and stood in front of a full length mirror studying where I almost got a tattoo. I still couldn’t find a single mark. There was, however, still a faint, yet very visible, outline of that scorpion. It gave me an idea. I thought I would trace it with a fine point sharpie marker so I could see exactly how it would look when I was naked. I was very careful and methodical as I traced the lines. I took a few pictures so I could see it without looking in the mirror. You were probably wondering what those were I bet. Now you know and you know why I sent them to you. At that point I still wasn’t dead ass sure that was the location I wanted it. In fact I thought about getting it on my ass and then changed my mind because I would never get to see it.
I kept the sharpie version of my tattoo for the whole next week. I would touch up the ink to keep it dark. I bet I spent more time in that week looking at myself naked than I have my entire life combined. When Saturday came I decided I was going to go back to the club you worked at and have a chat with you about it all. I was disappointed, you had taken the night off. I left after I was told that you would not be coming in at all. I left the club and went down the street to the tattoo shop. I signed in and took a seat to wait. Soon enough my name was called by the exact same woman from a week ago. She had a shit eating little smirk on her face, almost like she knew I would eventually come back to get the tattoo done. This time I raised my shirt and showed her where I wanted it. Twenty minutes later I had my new tattoo. So far, my favorite question I get from people is if getting a tattoo hurts. Duh, fuck yea it hurts. The second question I get is why I got an ugly scorpion as my tattoo. It’s simple, I am a Scorpio.
I never saw you ever again. I was told that that night I came by to see you to talk to you was the day you decided to quit your job there. They could have told me that on that night instead of leading me on for 5 more visits. Bitches! Anyway, I’m not stalking you or anything, just wanted to show you I wasn’t a pussy after all. Hope you enjoyed my story. I told you some of us have tattoo stories.
After reading her story and putting it here on the blog I must say she makes a compelling case for me to make an additional category. She is right, she isn’t the first tattoo story I have received and I’m sure it won’t be the last after y’all get ahold of this one. Just remember that I’m a firm believer that a person’s story has a 50% chance of being bullshit it there are no pictures to go with it. With that being said, anyone who wants to submit a story with pictures can e-mail them to Scorpion Sting and I will share your story with my audience. Are you up to the challenge?

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  1. Greetings from Carolina! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break.
    I enjoy the info you present here and can’t wait to take
    a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how quick your blog loaded on my mobile ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, great site!


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