Is The Comment Spam Really Needed?

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I’ve been blogging here on WordPress now for just about a complete month and it has been a wonderful transition which has led to it being a wonderful experience. I’m still learning though and I’m still in that curve where I have many questions. Which is why I’m writing today because I’m trying to figure out what the “normal” is around here on average. As a comparison, I had six successful blogs at Blogger and I rarely, if ever, had a spam comment on a published post. I know, freaky, right? In fact, the quantity of spam comments that ended up being blocked were only (4) four. I always thought that this was an honorable record. Now, my e-mail on the otherhand was a complete different story, there were easily 250 spam e-mails a month. After the change, after I moved here, I noticed the e-mail spam drop off a tad and then spiked way out of control here in the last week. But, the spam comments that Akismet actually catches here on the blog is what amazes me, it claims to have an accuracy of 96.04%, and yes the rest make it through. In under 30 days 151 spam comments have been blocked. Which makes me wonder and then ask, why all the spam comments here at WordPress? I won’t get all longwinded and drawn out here when I say that I find it quite disturbing that people are either that lazy or they have way to much time on their hands.

Just to let all of y’all spammers out there know that there are no hard feelings here. Y’all actually humor me allot, especially the Asian or Russian dating sites that peddle their prostitution and of course the knock-off brand bargains. Hell, y’all should just pay me because if it is as cheap as y’all claim then there should be a check in every pair of shoes ordered. Look, I suppose my point here is that I understand that y’all don’t understand that this is NOT a commercial blog and I do NOT sell and I do NOT advertise anything. But, if y’all actually looked around then y’all would notice that. But where are my manners, I often forget that spammers really don’t care about anything but what they are peddling. Too bad the only things y’all try to peddle to me is pure bullshit. Y’all should try harder!


12 responses to “Is The Comment Spam Really Needed?

    • You are absolutely right. Sometimes I waste the time to try to interpret what I think the message means but I usually lose more of the “message” that way. It does amaze me that people use spam comments because in my opinion the spammer is just asking me to delete it instead of clicking their link out of interest.


  1. I absolutely agree. Interestingly with my two blogs, one gets all the spam and one doesn’t get any…….and that’s the one that doesn’t filter comments and has a higher visit number. Go figure? I actually did have one genuine anon. comment that wasn’t spam on the Amanda Knox post, which I’m glad I picked up. Weird stuff alright.


  2. I’ve only blogged on WordPress (about 1 year) and I just checked. There were 96 attempted spam comments. None were published. But recently I checked the spam folder on my email for the first time. Wow. If you look at the messages it appears the “spam world” has a specific and slightly alarming impression of me.


    • Now, don’t be surprised, but “not paying attention” is the norm I have been finding. Not to worry, as long as they aren’t making it out into live comments then you are doing great. I like that, “Spam World”, it has just twisted enough ring to it. No wonder all the spammers go there. What do you think their “impression ” of you is?


      • Spam World, or at least the aggressively friendly female population of Spam World that “lives nearby” is under the impression that I am not really happy with my wonderful boyfriend and that I’d be much happier with them. SW also thinks I need a physical overhaul, electronics at 90% discounts, and a job that pays me millions to do nothing from home. (They might be right about that last part)


      • Perhaps the aggressive females are trying to appeal to your exploratory side? Who knows where people come up with their crap and who the decide to be targets. I guess that is just fishing for you, drop the baited hook and see who bites.


  3. Having only blogged on WordPress, I don’t have anything to compare my experience to, but I can tell you that my Akismet filter has fielded 5400+ spam comments in a little over a year. Very few actually get through but those that do, once marked as spam, stay flagged and no longer get through. I’ve been really pleased with the lack of crap making it into the comments and my readers have told me the spambot is a minor irritation at best, which becomes irrelevant once their initial comment has been approved.
    I don’t quite understand what they get out of it to be honest.


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