Is The Westboro Baptist Church A Hate Group!

Anti-Gay Religious Group Pickets School

I understand the opening title is a bold question to ask. But as an American I feel deep down that I need to ask it out-loud where people can hear me. I have written on the topic of The Westboro Baptist Church in the past which generated quite a bit of bitter and hateful statements towards me, my family, and of course my blog. Let me make something very clear here before anyone gets their panties in a knot. I am NOT talking about all Baptists, I am NOT talking about any religion, I am just talking about the fucktards that run this church, go to this church, and believe in the vile provided by this particular church. If you are part of The Westboro Baptist Church cult following than this information is not anything that you didn’t already know. Now, the information I gathered was dated back in July 2013, so the rest of y’all might have seen it as well. I would point y’all to the actual petition sent for President Obama’s approval but it appear that the We The People website has been temporarily disabled so nobody can look at the public record. I have looked at this topic before, I saw the petition before as well, there were close to 675,000 signatures well out doing the 100,000 required. However, even though President Obama believes the actions of The Westboro Church to be reprehensible, he turned down the request (petition) to label the church a hate group. The President said that it is not the place of the Federal government to do so. Why do the petitioners want the church to be labeled as a hate group? It’s simple, the petitioners want The Westboro Baptist Church to have its tax exemption revoked. However, the White House refuses to label them a hate group or revoke their tax exemption status.

Since the government does not maintain a particular list of hate groups that there is no jurisdiction over the different organizations and does not have an official opinion. But, even though the White House has not officially called the church a hate group, it does condemn their widely known practices. Sounds like bullshit to me. So why does The Westboro Baptist Church protest? Let’s explore that a little. We can start with the basic theological views of the WBC. The theology of the WBC is an extreme variant of Calvinism according to their beliefs and values. I will remind everyone reading today that Phelps’s organization, Westboro Baptist Church, is based in Topeka, Kansas, US. Its first public service was held on the afternoon of Sunday, November 27, 1955. Today, the church has about 40 members, most of whom are Phelps’ family members. The church is described and monitored as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center but not by the United States Government.

  • Man is in a state of sin, and can only be saved by the grace of God.
  • This grace is not given freely to all, but only to God’s “elect”.
  • The elect are the people whom God has foreordained to salvation. All others are reprobates, who have been created for the express purpose of being sent to Hell. This is the Calvinist belief of unconditional election, a.k.a. “double predestination,” which is a form of determinism; it explains why the Westboro Baptist Church protests aren’t about proselytizing. The intent of their protests is to thank God for smiting us.
  • Those whom God chooses to condemn, he causes to sin by “hardening their hearts” against himself.
  • It is the duty of the elect to proclaim God’s word (even though God will not cause the reprobates to listen). Their goal is not to win converts, or to “save” others, but simply to rebuke others for their sins.
  • All events on earth happen because of God’s will. This includes natural disasters and actions committed by people. Events such as Hurricane Katrina, the September 11th attacks on New York and the financial recession of 2008-09 are therefore celebrated by the WBC as God’s righteous destruction of reprobates.
  • It is also the duty of the elect to praise and thank God for all such judgments. This is why the Phelps family is often seen with signs reading “Thank God for 9/11” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”. They offered similar thanks for the recent $11 million judgment against them, because they see it as proof that God is hardening the hearts of men against them.
  • The Elect pretty much includes the members of Westboro Baptist, and practically nobody else.
  • Their obsession with homosexuality is the result of the widespread acceptance of homosexuality in the world. For the members of the WBC, all sins separate man from God, and they do not claim that the elect are without sin. However, according to their beliefs, people must sincerely repent of their sins before they can be forgiven. For the members of the WBC, “gay pride” and the acceptance of homosexuality is tantamount to having “murderer pride” or thinking of child rape as being just another, equally valid form of sexual expression. Anyone who doesn’t condemn homosexuality as evil is, according to the WBC, a “fag enabler”, and deserving of divine retribution.
  • Phelps’s sermons, some of which have been broadcast on radio or on his website, tend to last for around an hour, and consist of an old man rambling incoherently to himself, getting agitated and shouting every few minutes, and quote mining the scriptures to support his warped and hateful attitudes.
  • WBC members typically hold signs and shout at family members attending soldiers’ funerals, shouting such things as “Thank God For Dead Soldiers”.
  • Finally, Fred Phelps, the “pastor” at the church believes that God allows the soldiers to die as their punishment of their sins of homosexuality.]

In other words, to shorten terms for everyone, the Westboro Baptist Church hates the following but is not limited to the list provided.

  • Gays
  • the United States Military
  • the United States
  • Jews
  • Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox
  • Hindus
  • Muslims
  • Any religion other than their own
  • Logic
  • Swedish people
  • Anonymous
  • You
  • Me
  • the world
  • Lady Gaga
  • Italians
  • Divorcees
  • Coretta Scott King
  • Obama
  • Black People in General
  • Over-weight people
  • All people who aren’t predestined to go to heaven (everyone who’s not a member of the WBC)
  • Love
  • Thought
  • Dissent
  • They hate hypocrites that are not part of the WBC
  • Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll
  • Musicians of all genres in general
  • Canada & the UK for banning the WBC
  • Hackers
  • The KKK
  • Your freedom of speech
  • Additionally, women are second class citizens.

I promised myself when I was writing this piece that I would keep calm and not get pissed off at this useless human being. But I can’t do it. I can’t continue to bite my tongue. What would Fred Phelps think of me? I hold the word hate to a high regard and I can only name about 3 people who I actually despise enough to hate. He is not one of them. I cannot and will not give in to his way of thinking. What I will do is to continue to share what an arrogant bastard he is while he preaches from his very tall pedestal. Does he feel as if he can’t be touched by mankind? I think you know the answer without me saying it. Take some time one day and read up on the history of Fred Phelps, his family, the WBC, and his followers/parishioners. When you do you will first let out a large sigh, that will be followed will the immediate need to vomit, and then you will just be pissed. For what you ask? It’s simple, and it should be real simple for Christians, because there needs to be an end to him preaching and spreading hate. Granted, with a churchful that counts in the 40s one would think that they aren’t much of a threat, but they are, they are a hate group whether the United States Government and President Obama think so or not.

We all know, especially those who know me or are close to me, that I don’t get into two things, those are politics and religion. If you have read closely I kept up my end of the deal, we didn’t discuss religion or politics. The people mentioned in this post were mentioned because they are key aspects and key players resulting in the continuation of the WBC. My final thought is actually a question. What the fuck is wrong with Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)??? I will be too kind and pass a farewell to them all, fuck you Fred Phelps and fuck you Westboro Baptist Church.

12 responses to “Is The Westboro Baptist Church A Hate Group!

  1. You make the case very well, and fuck those haters and all other religious groups that spread intolerance. The Westboro group seems especially evil, but there are many more out there that preach hatred. Love the sinner and fuck the preacher!


    • Why do you think that people hide under the cover of God, churches, and religion to promote their hate and ill-behavior? Maybe they need to grow a “pair”, stand on their own two feet, and OWN what they think.


  2. I’ve done a bit of reading into potential reasons for their behavior, and a lot of it appears to be geared toward litigation. I don’t deny that they believe what they do (or at least, do a VERY good job of espousing those beliefs), but their outrageous statements and protests are designed to goad observers and dissenters into creating confrontations. They will do everything in their power to provoke a physical response, which they can then use as grounds for a lawsuit that will put more money in their coffers. It’s utterly diabolical.

    What gives me hope, though, is that the Phelps in my generation – the emerging and young adults in the family/congregation – are beginning to realize how warped and destructive their upbringing has been and are taking steps to remove themselves from that environment (one of the granddaughters works with the Equality House across the street from the WBC –

    Hopefully the Obama administration, or his successor in the White House, will do the right thing and give this not-a-church the hate group designation they deserve.


    • Thanks for the reply. You reminded me of something I was going to add and got sidetracked. It was about the family members who want to separate themselves from the WBC and the struggles they have had, to include death threats. Thanks for bringing it up with the link because it will give some additional reading for people if they want it.


  3. Answer: Yes. And so are many other religious groups and churches. Random side note. I’m always saddened at how many people/younger people have forgotten or never knew about Matthew Shepard, and how that’s what WBC used to get their fame initially. In those days after his murder (I was out and in college), I remember checking the WBC website to see his picture in flames, complete with sound effects of him screaming in pain. I’ll never forget it. Sickening people.


    • You are correct, besides the WBC there are many hate groups, religious and not that have become a constant threat to our society. You brought up a good point about the way they taunt people hoping for a physical confrontation so there can be a lawsuit. I’ve read about M. Shepard and the craziness that led to his murder and all the bs that happened after. All the while making ‘ol Fred and the WBC famous. I started following the news about the organization when they media publicized the protests of the returning dead soldiers. Really made my blood boil. I have wasted allot of time, effort, and space on my blogs writing about the evils of the WBC. Seems each I turn just takes me that much deeper down the rabbit hole sometimes. Great comment btw, thanks for stopping by.


  4. WTF!!!? This group of hate-mongers have tax exempt status? How the hell is that possible? Free-speech is one thing, but giving them a tax preference to help them spread their hate is insane.

    I did recall that Phelps has had trouble getting across the border into Canada, but I didn’t realize there was a blanket ban of this group’s entry into Canada. I’m Canadian and it would please me if there was.

    Oh, I realized that I didn’t answer your question. Do I think they’re a hate group? Uh, yeah. How could one think anything else?


    • Their tax exempt status has been brought under review more than one with more than one public petition to the government. All have been declined because the government refuses to recognize the WBC as a hate group. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. From what I have been able to find in the public records there in a ban, in general, for the WBC to cross into Canada or to conduct any kind of business on the behalf of the WBC in Canada. The Canadian borders have a watchlist with specific names and aliases of associates and members of the WBC which they use to decline entry into Canada. Canadians have zero problems considering and calling the WBC a hate group. I wish our President had a pair so he would go ahead and shut them down as well. Must be bad for political business to raise the bullshit flag and call a hate group a hate group instead of the church status they hide behind like a bunch of pussies. Anyway, thanks for the comment Joel, I really appreciate it.


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