Visit STP If You Like Boobs!

SLPDYLBDo You Like Boobs?

I was visiting one of my friend’s very cool blog, Slap The Penguin and I found that we share a passion for boobs. In all seriousness, after you read his very entertaining post y’all have the opportunity to donate for breast cancer research. Eventhough October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness month, a person can be involved with Breast Cancer Awareness 365 days a year. Just a reminder to always be aware of the breasts around you, even if they are your own! Thank you STP for helping to spread the word out here on the World Wide Web.

One response to “Visit STP If You Like Boobs!

  1. Thanks Scorp for sharing my passion for boobs. Funbags, Titties, Puppies… whatever you call them, they are vital to life itself. They give milk to the young, and dayum they are just so much fun. They come in all shapes and sizes and each pair is unique to their owner.

    Breast Cancer wrecks thousands of lives every year and although most victims are female, it is not exclusive to women.

    Since the stigma about the once taboo topic is waning, we are hearing more about victims of breast cancer, but we are also hearing more and more success stories thanks to early diagnosis, and the early diagnoses are coming from better awareness.

    I hope one day that science and medicine find a cure for all cancers, but for know we have to manually check for lumps and bumps. Not just during October but all year round. If you find something new then go get it checked out by a medical professional.

    Guys, you need to check yourselves regularly too. I know a ball bag is not as much fun as a pair of boobs, but have a good feel once a month (most guys already touch theirs at least 3 times a day).

    Be safe, and consider donating. If you can’t donate then at least look after yourself and encourage a friend to do so too.


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