One Million Thanks To Everyone!

thank_youOne Million Thanks To Everyone!

I was looking through some comments and statistics this morning and realized I have some fantastic visitors dropping by. What makes me think that? Since 06 September 2013, the birth and conception date of this blog, there have been 1600 visitors who have left over 400 comments on various posts. Additionally, in the short six weeks time frame 36 of these visitors became dedicated followers. That’s amazing to me how many people stop by here either at random, by accident, or intentionally. Y’all are amazing and I just wanted to take time out and thank everyone from around the world wide web,,, Google+,, and because without all of y’all I would just be talking to myself.  One Million Thanks To Everyone from around the world who takes the time out of their days to pay me a visit.

2 responses to “One Million Thanks To Everyone!

    • Thanks. But the thanks really goes out to the people who stop by to check out the blog. It is nice to know that there are a few people in the masses that don’t mind wasting a little time here.


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