How Stupid Can One Person Be?

I have seen allot of dumb shit in my life, make no mistake about that. However, this ding dong bimbo has moved into my top three list of dumb shit and dumb people. She would move straight to #1 but I have an ex-wife who currently holds the positions #1 & #2. So, push play and you won’t have to wait very long for the ignorance to start pouring out of her mouth. Just in case the video does not work for you personally, here is the link to the video. I will apologize in advance because this is 3:17 of your life you are never getting back.

4 responses to “How Stupid Can One Person Be?

  1. Did she say something? I was distracted by the image on my screen.

    But seriously, does she have a brain? It’s a serious question. She can talk, but she doesn’t say a single intelligent thing, so does she have a brain?

    She thinks that a god created all creatures and gave them brains (or not). This would imply that a god created her and her alleged brain. This in turn proves that either she is wrong about god’s existence or that god is horribly incompetent at the whole creation thing.

    I’m going to choose to assume that it’s a gag. Nobody is really that ignorant.


    • I wish I could say she is faking all of this crap. Unfortunately I live down the road from the preacher and his wife makes this lady look like a rocket scientist genius. Sorry I can’t help you sleep better because there are people like this breeding and the offspring that is presented to society comes out of the womb damaged goods.


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