To All The “Merry Christmas” Bashers


Yes, you read the title correctly, this particular post is specifically for the jackholes that decided they need to e-mail me and span comment me on some Christmas posts from yesterday. They believed they need to school me how politically incorrect and how insensitive saying Merry Christmas is to a growing population of people. Well, guess what fucktards, I obviously don’t write on my blog to please anyone except myself. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, that is great as well since I really don’t care for people who are fence riders. Y’all need to give the politically correct bullshit a rest because each time one of y’all get upset with me it just makes me want to drill it in just a little deeper. I say Merry Christmas, if that offends your delicate little ego then I wish you well on your troubled travels far and away from here. I don’t say Merry Christmas to abuse you, I say Merry Christmas because it is Christmas. Y’all understand that, right, that it’s called Christmas and not anything else, just Christmas. You won’t hear me say or see me write happy holidays ever or anywhere. Why? Because it’s Christmas. Are y’all so full of the shit that falls out of your mouth to understand that we do NOT care if you don’t want to hear the word Christmas, we don’t care if you don’t celebrate Christmas, and we surely could give a rat’s ass if it offends y’all when we say or write Merry Christmas.

The question I have for y’all is why you don’t take into consideration that when you open your pieholes to say your offended by Merry Christmas that you are actually offending people like me who don’t really give a flying fuck if it offends you or not. Now y’all have actually pissed me off because of your pettiness I have to write this post just to tell you to go fuck yourselves. Am I too insensitive to your needs and feelings? Who gives a shit about what your feelings or needs are. Y’all have issues, y’all should seek counseling, and perhaps even apologize to everyone for being a raging fucktard idiot. But that’s not going to happen because y’all don’t have the goddamned common courtesy to pull your heads out of your asses long enough to realize y’all are not being harmed in any fucking way. Don’t celebrate Christmas? That’s nice that you made that decision, but I fucking celebrate Christmas. My version is probably a bit different than the Christians, but I celebrate it nevertheless. Don’t like that I am spreading a little Christmas cheer or sharing a little Christmas humor? Boomotherfuckinghoo you tender minded little fucks, gets over it, hell, go ahead and get over yourselves because I don’t really give a shit. I don’t care.

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Now, you “Christians” who think you are holier than thou art, I will take a chunk of your narrow minded ass as well. No, there is no “Christ” in my Christmas. In my world it is the commercial holiday where friends and family gather to exchange gifts, be jolly, and have a great fucking time. Again, as with the anti-Christmas idiots, I understand you celebrate Christmas a different way than I do and I don’t hold that against y’all because I don’t give a fuck what or how you do it. I’m at a loss for words for y’all, y’all need to go buy a clue because there has been so much y’all choose to overlook, like not everyone is Christian and therefore we do things a little different. Why? Because we fucking can! Not everyone celebrates Christmas, not everyone gets offended, not everyone wants a religious reference, not everyone gives a shit what y’all think, and most importantly you have no idea what the fuck I have going on and you have no right to judge me. So, Merry Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas your way and just shut the hell up about everyone else.

The day is specifically called Christmas day, it’s not called Holiday. We say Merry Christmas because this entire season is specifically for Christmas. How the fuck does Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, or any other non-descript greeting even remotely come close to giving a Christmas specific greeting? Because you fucking prefer it? Because you prefer not to hear Merry Christmas? Y’all can go piss in the wind, y’all have taken the fun out of Christmas because y’all are afraid to express yourselves in any manner  other than what specifically suites y’all. Fuck that, y’all won’t get the pussy footin walking on eggshells from me, it’s not going to ever happen. I celebrate Christmas, you can embrace and love that great idea or you can hate that people are insensitive to your big fat bleeding pussy and how you feel. Well, here’s how I feel, fuck you and have a very Merry Christmas. I hope y’all get so much Christmas cheer shoved in your tight little asses that when you burp it has an evergreen aftertaste.


4 responses to “To All The “Merry Christmas” Bashers

  1. hi Scorp, Riginal here.Long time no talk. Re your diabetic situ…been there done that. Been on four injections a day for fifty years. Needles like crowbars back when. Started to lose my eyesight, doctors wanted to amputate part of foot but i told them to amputate their dicks. It came good…foot that is not sure bout the doctor’s dicks? Lost count of the hypos. Talking to uni chap, they are working on a
    new treatment whereupon they inject you with a 3 mnthly injection of tiny globules
    which automatically release insulin when you’re high…don’t release when you’re low. Rough outline. as USUAL probably ten years to perfection. Told by a specialist when i was 17 that they’d cure this stinking disease in ten years. But he’s dead now…think he died of bullshit ingestion. Rectum inversionary platitudal self induligence on his part i guess. Starting a blog of my own one day soon as some loose ends are tied up…this bondage caper takes up all my time. Kidding! (bout the bondage). Lost my job over a few sugar turns at 68 pulling on a 6 tonne optic fibre reel. They took on a young bloke had to sack him cos he couldn’t do the job as fast as me. Karma caught up with my ex-boss…cancer of the throat took half his stomach out poor rich guy. Shortly after that i walked too far jumped in hot car i loved had a hypo smashed into a pole. I live for humor…what else is there and there is a God. He created the Scorpian didn’t he? Life is like a viking burial at sea…one minute you’re on top of the heap…the next you’re a flamin’ hasbeen! Keep off the kerosene over xmas…it’s for commercial jets…not diabetics. Although i don’t mean to needle you over your propensity to drink whatever turns your hopefully non hypo celebrationary perchant on. Just remember ONE thing…stuffed if i can but it doesn’t stop me from writing stupidity and don’t know if you know but diabetic hypos can result in some brain damage plus dyslexia but i reckon that’s a load of prac…donut you thunk so my little injecting gnits? Cheers buddy…we are not alone. You can’t amputate humor…it’s too infectious. And watch out for ulcers, those little critters creep up on you. Hyperbaric treatment will fix ’em up. If you get on it quick enough. There’s one thing no-one will ever take from me…just wish i could remember where i lost it? I suppose you heard about the Phantom? Pissed out of his mind. He was charged with being “out of his skull!” You take care now and keep the lucozade handy…works a lot quicker than jelly beans. Here we are trying to get off our needle pens while other miscreants do their best to stuff themselves with potions to instill illicit brainic motions…drop me a line on Broowaha
    one day or night sleep well don’t let the overactive insulin bite. And have an upright


  2. It bothers me when I’m at work and I say Merry Christmas and someone looks at me like I started jerking off on their bed. People: I originally was gonna say happy holidays but you know what I’ve noticed, I kept fucking up and saying Merry Christmas. Lol since I was a kid, I’ve always said Merry Christmas. Oh why would I need to change that now? Look, SS is right. You can give people shit about anything else (and even then I question it) but don’t question why I say Merry Christmas. If there was something called elephtitis day, and you told me “happy elephantitis day!” I wouldn’t look at you funny. I don’t celebrate it but that doesn’t mean I have to ruin your joy. That’s the only thing most of us Christmas people ask for….just accept that me, SS and millions of other celebrate this day! Don’t be a prick, besides it’s Christmas. =)


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