Kudos To Our Local Walmart


I usually give Walmart, in general, quite a bit of grief because of what I see locally and how Walmart seems to be this machine that feeds on greed, deception, and slight of hand. That’s not why I’m here today. today I actually have something nice to say about our local Walmart Supercenter. My son and I found ourselves out at our local Walmart Supercenter on Sunday afternoon because we were looking for a deep fryer since it appears that mine took a dive off the deep end never to be working again. It was a good fryer but it was time for her to be retired after 15 years. Anyway, we headed out to the closest and most convenient place to shop. Now, this is not normal behavior for me because I actually can’t stand going to Walmart for so many reasons. The top of those reasons being the people skills there suck ass, the lines are always long, and it always seems that the one person I get to talk to acts like they are doing me a favor. So, I avoid this place like the plague.

I actually had no intention on going to Walmart, but since I was at the Home Depot that shares the parking lot I bit the bullet and made the choice just to deal with it. I got something unexpected, I found what I was looking for, experienced no line, it was on sale a considerable amount lower than anybody by $20, and I had found a parking spot right up front. What I expected to take a few miserable hours actually took me less than 15 minutes from the time I parked until I got back in my car. I actually left with a smile, like I just got one over on Walmart. Then, the reason for this post, as we exited the store, I saw the huge sign which pointed out that this Walmart would be closed from 9pm Tuesday night until 5am Thursday morning. Which was a shocker, I have never seen this Walmart closed, ever, not even for 30 seconds.

As you can tell I am both shocked and pleased. I was in and out like a flash of lightning and Walmart will be letting their people have Christmas day off to be with their families. As fantastic as that may sound I still wonder quietly at what price it will be to the employees. Walmart isn’t known for paid holiday time off. Will the regularly scheduled employees be getting a paid holiday? I have searched on the internet for answers, found none. A friend at work whose wife has been a part time employee of that Walmart for 15 years stated that she will just have the day off without pay and she doesn’t know about everyone else. So who knows. The important part is that this Walmart will be closed for a whopping 32 hours over Christmas, and for that alone I give them a thumbs up instead of my normal solo bird.


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