Discussing The Human Race


When we gather at the dining room table it always amazes me what seems to creep into the conversations while we eat. Last night we talked about “race”, “racism”, and “the human race”. The conversation got me to thinking afterwords because we raise our children that there is one race on planet Earth and that is the Human Race. Why do we raise our children not to look too closely at race? Because a person’s race should have nothing to do with what kind of person he/she actually is. I like to call it breaking the race stereotypes.

The history of my beliefs is based on my own life experiences. Yes, of course, I understand that what works for me doesn’t work for others in every situation, but they are my developed personal beliefs that I try to live with. Meaning? When I was younger, 7 to be exact, my parents decided not to be married any longer for reasons I would not learn until after the death of my father when I was a teenager. When my mom got re-married we moved from the Black Hills of Rapid City South Dakota to the southwestern side of Houston Texas out in the suburbs. Up until that point in my life my interaction with other races was limited to white people and Native Americans (Cheyenne & Lakota Sioux). I had never met anyone of any other race until we moved to Texas.

My step father was, by definition, an open racist and homosexual hater. Growing up we would hear anything and everything negative about what he doesn’t like. Over time one gets brainwashed into believing the way he believes. However, in my defense, growing up a redneck helped me learn that people are people and their race or sexual orientation was not a precursor to certain behaviors. Although, if one watched the news too much one would here that the blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and homosexuals were destroying Houston bit by bit with their crime and cultural influences. I would regularly be in trouble with my father because we disagreed about his racist and homophobic views. I didn’t want to be any part of it so when I could I always made sure I would distance myself from it, people are people, we all belong to one race in my opinion, the human race. Sometimes it made life at home interesting and somewhat difficult, especially after my dad died, he was still stuck in the hippie mentality of love, peace, and rock & roll.

Soon enough after high school I was married to my high school sweetheart and going into the United States Air Force. The first lesson every single person learned when we got off the bus for AFBMT (Air Force Basic Military Training) at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Texas was that we were in the military now. There were no races, no sexes, and the only thing we were to see from each individual from this point forward was that this person was camouflage and an Airman in the United States Air Force. I appreciated this new way of thinking a great deal, it really made sense. While in AFBMT we were all equally worthless maggots. After AFBMT people tend to go back to their old ways, the ways that they were raised, they would group themselves together based on race it seemed more often than not. In the careerfield I chose it was taken many steps further, we were AMMO up and above everything else. AMMO was a brotherhood that I am still finding out this very day is built on the platform that we are who we are but we are always part of the AMMO brotherhood. my first daughter was born while I was in the Air Force so she wasn’t bombarded with all the race bullshit that civilian born children would be bombarded with. She was now an Air Force Brat.

After the Air Force I found myself back in Texas. I was lured into great riches from my father who was a concrete contractor at the time. He was busy and needed help in the “family business” and I was unemployed so the job sounded good. Due to where we live, most of the skilled labor in the construction arena were of Mexican decent. My father treated them like shit, treated them like dogs, treated them like they were less than humans. I couldn’t stand it in the past and I couldn’t stand now. I hoped as he got older he would mature and mellow out a bit, but I was wrong, he was still a bitter old white man who believes that if you aren’t white you aren’t worth a shit. I didn’t last long, not for obvious reasons, but because he decided to retire and close the doors of his business he had been doing since the mid 70s. He had a good run, made some decent money, and wanted to retire. So be it.

Life continues, right? It did. I also re-married after getting a divorce. My new wife came with a little girl, barely 1 1/2 years old at the time we met. I would find out over time that her ex is quite a racist as well, reminds me of my father in many ways. Now, over time he has tried to rub off on my daughter, yes, my daughter, I am her dad, he was but a sperm donor. But, she wasn’t raised that way, she wasn’t raised to hate a person based on their color. My son, he as well, has not been raised in that fashion. All of my kids see it daily at school, work, and with other families of their friends. But they know that treating people like shit based on color is a choice and they choose not to be that way.

I want my children to see that we are all humans, we belong to the human race, there isn’t anything else that matters, period. Of course, as they get older their influences will change and all we can do is hope we raised them right and in a manner which is comfortable for them to accept. It is sad to see but racism is still strong here in the United States. But nowadays I need to sit back a bit and look at who is being the racist. Just because a person is white doesn’t automatically make them a racist. I know, what a concept. Listen to the music today, listen to the news, listen to the politicians, and listen to your neighbor, racism is alive and well. I fear it may never go away because too damn many people are getting famous and getting rich because of racism. Racism isn’t the answer, being a human being and being part of the human race is what is important.


10 responses to “Discussing The Human Race

  1. Steven, I had a friend in Brooklyn who was an Hasidic Jew. One day we got around to talking about the Adam and Eve story. He explained that according to his beliefs the story was symbolic not literal. It was created to say that the whole human race has the same mother and father and therefore we all belong to the same human family.


  2. I really thank you for this post. I know exactly what you mean by what you have written in this post. I am a member of quite a few of the categories you have listed. I was born in Puerto Rico, as island in the Caribbean that “belongs” to the USA. I am a woman, Latina and white ….. I have several strikes against me. Yet, it hasn’t affected me personally that much.

    I lived in PR until 1999 but have felt the presence of the US all of my life. I thought differently of the US growing up. This nation could do no wrong .. ah, but my views as an older adult have changed.

    I’ve seen racism in action. Not heavily personally but I’ve seen in here now that I live here permanently.

    However, I see a change coming and that’s why the white American is acting up that way. The Latinos are taking over!!! Latinos are doing to white Americans what was done to the Native Americans and they are scared, lashing out every which way,

    It’s sad ….. because I fully agree. It’s only the “human race”. Why can’t we see that??? We ALL are one!!


  3. People find it difficult NOT to ignore what they “can” see [i.e. race, skin color, etc.]; and difficult to ‘acknowledge’ what they “can not” see [i.e. judging one by the content of their character].


  4. This is 4EVERGEEN from BC by the way. Not sure if I introduced myself before because my name changes on Google. It goes from my real name to my business name…never mind that. Anyways, when I was kid my step dad and my mom moved me out of the city and we moved to one of the suburbs of LA. The suburbs was the first time I experienced racism. It was a old white guy nick named the Coca-Cola man. I use to ride my bike up and down the street because my parents didn’t want me going far. I use to ride by his house on my bike and being a kid, I would ride my bike on his lawn because I was going “off road” and riding through the tundras of Alaska. (I know..lol) So he would tell me, “Get off my lawn!”

    Of course being a kid, I didn’t listen and he finally went and told my parents. My mom and dad told me, don’t ride on his lawn, people don’t appreciate that. I said ok, I won’t. So I listened and I just stayed on the sidewalk. So I would still ride by his house a few times because I couldn’t go far on my bike; just on the block. Eventually he would yell at me, “Don’t ride pass my house!” I told him no, I could ride wherever I want! Your not my dad! To make a long story short, he went to my dad and told him, “I don’t appreciate you bringing your little nigger family to this neighborhood.” Mind you, my dad is Polish, Japanese, and Hawaiian, his neighbors are Mexican, the kid up the street was half white and Mexican; our neighborhood was diverse. Yeah Racism sucks BIG TIME.

    SS I know you don’t like self advertising on your page but do you mind if I post a link on here showing something I wrote that was similar?


  5. I have seen first hand how children develop. Not from raising my two, because i was too busy raising them, but observing my son’s two children. Children are blank slates, they do not understand hatred and see all fellow children as just children. It takes an adult? to polarize them against one race or religion. They see how we act toward others and it is implanted into they minds.


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