When You Choose To Be Offended


When someone enters The Sting Of The Scorpion they are doing this at their own free will. Y’all don’t come here because I’m selling products or services. Y’all come here to see what I’m posting and to see why I’m posting it. Regular visitors know by now that I don’t care if the material, subject matter, or stories actually are going to offend you. If you are easily offended by things in our world then you are definitely in the wrong place. I decided that I was going to stop giving the offended a voice here at The Sting Of The Scorpion because those pussies don’t appreciate it anyway. I have been holding my tongue because I wasn’t clear if I wanted to open this can of bullshit or not. But, after a fantastic spam comment this morning I realized that maybe I need to explore why so many people have an uncontrolled bleeding snatch about a camouflage cow picture being posted here asking visitors to provide the caption. That original post entry, “Provide The Caption #5“, has drawn allot of controversy because the fucking cow is not something that should be used in something as degrading as a stupid contest. Really, you don’t say. Tell me more how this offends people Scorp.

Oh damn, where do I begin. Let’s start with the religious aspect which has been shared with me. Not all religions of course, but specifically The Sting Of The Scorpion was bombarded with the fact that the way the cow is depicted in the picture I provided is sacrilegious in Hinduism. I was informed that Hindus (in general I would suppose) see the cow as holy and not to be harmed. Whereas the picture I provided shows this bull in imminent danger because the helicopter gunships are on the prowl. I think it would do no good to remind people this picture was done in humor and no animals were harmed. Why bother? Why bother trying to reason with people who will not be reasoned with. I live in the Texas where the cow has a different purpose, for me specifically, I like to eat them.


We can get into that aspect as well. According to some people who follow the cult of PETA, that we shouldn’t be eating cows or treating them in a fashion which will make them sad or bring them harm. What in the fuck is a matter with PETA? I see trying to make your own choices for your own reasons but I really don’t care what or why you think the way you do. Have any of y’all ever read the mandate or mission of PETA? Every time I read it I want to get my damn crayons out so I can help them draw rainbows coming out of everyone’s ass. Here at The Sting Of The Scorpion we talk about eating meat all the time, we talk about hunting this meat all the time, and of course we talk about smoking/grilling/cooking this meat all the time. Do I need to remind you dumb fucks that this picture was provided in humor? Do y’all (PETA) have a sense of humor? Since 09 January 2014, the day I posted this picture to get participation for a caption, I received 59 emails and 46 spam comments about how what I’m doing is wrong and offensive in so many ways.

I suppose this was in an attempt to get me to take the picture down. Perhaps it was even an attempt to get me to apologize to cows, religions, and fascist groups. I was going to let this one go, continue on, business as usual, but y’all have rubbed my fur the wrong way this time. I owe nobody nothing. I wish I could give people with their heads up in their asses a sense of humor because they take things way too serious. And here we are, here we have once again, people who think just because they are offended that this makes them right. It doesn’t make you right, it just makes you offended. I would have never expected that a camouflage cow would make so many people angry with me personally. There is still time though, do not despair, I will not be closing this contest until tomorrow morning and this is when the winner of the caption contest will be announced.

As a footnote. My intentions here at The Sting Of The Scorpion are not to intentionally offend anyone. However, there are those of y’all who believe differently than I do and live differently than I do as well. That’s okay, I understand that y’all will sometimes have a differing opinion or be offended by what you see here, and that is okay as well. Just remember, you clicked the link to get to The Sting Of The Scorpion, nobody can click it for you, nobody is forcing you to be here, and I truly find that when someone comes here they are doing it as a freewill choice. Just remember that I’m not your mother so I don’t have to like you and vice versa.


15 responses to “When You Choose To Be Offended

  1. Why do people have to rant and rave in comments. If you see something you don’t like then there is a little x in the corner of your page. It’s not rocket science people.
    And fwiw, you are the second blogger I know of in the past week that has had this sort of trouble. He is British and is of the opinion that a lot of people have had their funny bone surgically removed and just don’t get British humour.


    • I can’t say if I even know one hindu so I don’t know what the reaction would be except from the bleeding heart e-mails and spam I got. Makes me wonder what would happen if I put something on my blog that truly was inflammatory.


  2. Jesus man, people were offended by that? It annoys the crap out of me when somebody has to voice that they’re offended. So what? Am I really supposed to care that one person out of millions was offended at something they chose to look at in the first place? Am I supposed to change who I am or what I made just so it pleases you?

    Blegh, I could rant about people who get offended forever.


    • I think what saddens me about society is the expectation that everyone should be worried about offending another person or group. Well, I don’t life my actual life like that and I don’t treat my blog any different. My blog isn’t for everyone’s taste, that is for sure, but I cannot recall ever just outright being offending just to be offending. If we can’t be passionate about the life we live then what are we living for, right?


  3. Good post dude, an Australian friend of mine pointed me in your direction. Probably be safer to say morons as opposed to funny bone removed, but then I’m British we don’t do PC … What get’s me is that these people who are supposedly offended, don’t care about offending me, they are doing the very thing that they are complaining I did to them … doesn’t that just make them a hypocrite as well as a moron ?

    Love the cow, how the hell could anyone be offended by that … For me it’s not funny for my sense of humour, but it’s certainly cool 🙂




    • Well, thank you to your Australian friend, everyone is welcome here. That, my friend, is the mystery of life we live, offending others with our offendedness yet not being concerned that it is offending them in the short run. I tend not to be offended by people or their actions, they may piss me off or tweak me the wrong way, but I think people have the choice to say their piece. But, there is a time and a place and a forum for most of that. My blog hits so many areas categorically that I get a vast array of space cadets visiting who think I am here to take over their planet and be their leader. I have no desire to lead the sheeple and equally have no desire to be one of the sheeple. Cheers!


  4. People definitely take everything too seriously. As you said, it is just a picture of a cow. I wonder how many of the people showing their dislike go to the supermarket and buy pre-packaged beef to eat? Which is more offensive to the animal? It is as though they forget that the meat they buy off the shelf was once an animal, so it makes it ok, while they object to something like your photo. I love animals, and don’t like to see them mistreated, but there is no actual mistreatment here, it is just a photo. If we all had to go out and hunt animals for food, there would in fact be far less animals slaughtered, less waste of meat that is thrown out off the shelves because no one bought it, and the animals are roaming around free in the meantime. So once again, which is better? I believe it is everyone’s choice whether or not they eat meat, and people need to put things in perspective.


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