Please Re-Blog On Your Blog!


Please, everyone out there, re-blog the following statement onto your blog.

We need to spread awareness before it is too late.

The reason I’ve asked everyone to share this post is because we have all dated, known, worked with, worked for, related to, married to, divorced from, someone who suffers from being a fucking idiot. We all need to understand, being a fucking idiot is real and must be taken real serious. You could be sitting next to a fucking idiot right now. There is still no known cure for being a fucking idiot and unfortunately our sympathies do not help. Sometimes a chunk of 4×4 or other large dense object to the back of the head helps, but not as much as we might think. We can raise awareness right here, right now. Unfortunately, less then 53% of y’all won’t re-post this because you can’t figure out how. I urge y’all to learn and reconsider because we must become aware of all of the fucking idiots on this planet. They need our help. Won’t you please help?


7 responses to “Please Re-Blog On Your Blog!

  1. Idiots don’t “suffer” at all – their ignorance and stupidity truly are bliss. Those of us who have to deal with their idiocy are the ones who suffer. Preaching to the choir does not help. Removing all warning labels would go a long way towards easing our pain, but that won’t happen because there’s a lot of money to be made off of idiocy. Suck it up, Buttercup! Ain’t no cure for stupid!


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