Time To Take A Look In The Mirror


It truly is time for the people of the world to look in the mirror and see that there is only one “race” that will ever matter. Every single human being here on planet dirt share one bond that, no matter what, can never be changed, we all belong to the human race. With that statement I could actually close this post and consider it complete. But, I’m not done yet because there are so many boneheads out there that just don’t get it. Why? Is it too simple in the complexity of our society? Have human beings not evolved enough to recognize that it isn’t our color that makes us different, it’s our DNA. Even with that being said, DNA isn’t even enough to separate one person from every other person on the planet. I have read plenty over the years about how “race” divides our societies and just recently I read a very interesting article at “Classic Ruby: Unadulterated” which sparked up a conversation between myself and the author. She has a way of delivering a message that made me sit back and take a moment to give it all some thought.

Before we actually get into my personal thoughts on “race” I want to point out, especially for new readers, that I am color blind in real life. I don’t use the term metaphorically to make a point but to illustrate how there might be a perspective that y’all haven’t thought about before when thinking about the races on our planet. Sure, I see some color, but I don’t see color the same way as others. In reality, it’s not color blindness but more like seeing with a color deficiency. Overall, it is hard for me to explain, but that’s not the point of this post either. I will make it simple, because it is simple, we need to look at the person next to us as a fellow human. One’s color has little to do with who that person really is. We should spend less time worrying about what race someone is and spend more time just being human to one another.


But its complicated isn’t it. We can’t look at another human being in black and white. Why not? In my opinion, based on my experiences in life, I find it is because we get programmed through our learning early in life to judge another person because of their color. Why? because they are different than what we see in the mirror. How does that end? I have had people tell me I have it easy in life because I’m white and they are handicapped because they are not white. That being bullshit is putting it mildly. We all take a different course in life, we all make different choices, and we all make different decisions. No, we definitely are not all the same but we all definitely bleed the same color, red. Perhaps it is everything we have in common with each other that drives us to notice the obviously distinctive differences. We need the other person to be different because we don’t want them to be like us. All races are no different in the fact that they like to point out and clarify the differences between the races. But then we sub-divide within the race we belong to as well, further dividing us from our neighbor.

So, I’m white. Does that make me wrong? Does it make me less aware of what the difference amongst the races are? I have been told before, in fact today being the latest time that I’m white therefore I can’t possibly understand anything beyond being white. Why not? Here’s my opinion why not. Look around you, listen to some different music, drive into a different neighborhood, talk with some new people, and y’all will see that different races thrive on being different. They say it makes us a stronger race to recognize ourselves. No, it makes you stupid because you choose to continue with false propaganda witch harms the different races. Have a culture, have a way of life, but don’t use those as excuses to not allow everyone else to do the exact things you want to have freedoms to do. So we are different, so the fuck what.

In closing, I would like to mention that I don’t judge you by your race or your skin color. I will judge you by the words you speak and the actions you take. Too damn bad that every single person on this planet can’t do the same. Racism, at least in the United States, is kept alive by the very people who claim it is holding them back. Again, why? I have found that some people need to be mad at something, anything, right or wrong. People prey on “race” because there is money to be made and 9 times out of 10 it is the same race preying on their own, admit it to yourselves, every race does it. Why? I think this might be a good place to sew up this corpse I have been kicking so I can bury it once again. Race, racism, and the people who proliferate it’s existence really piss me off. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Feel free to comment openly. Maybe this time I will get to read something new.

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4 responses to “Time To Take A Look In The Mirror

  1. First and foremost, I just wanted to thank you so very much for the link to my blog in your post, as well as for the stimulating dialog we had. It was so interesting to get the perspective of someone who was literally color blind.

    A lot of the topics you touched on briefly here I’m actually planning on exploring in depth in some posts this month, like the science behind what happens in our brains and psyches when we look at a face that resembles our own versus one that doesn’t (gonna pull out the psych research for that).

    While I agree with much of of your points, and definitely with your overall message, I.e. racism is stupid and racists are morons lol, there is a larger point I think we’ll either end up having to agree to disagree or, perhaps through something I write more in depth on later, you might see where I’m coming from. But,

    “I have had people tell me I have it easy in life because I’m white and they are handicapped because they are not white. That being bullshit is putting it mildly”

    “I have been told before, in fact today being the latest time that I’m white therefore I can’t possibly understand anything beyond being white. Why not?”

    Looking at these two sentences, especially side by side, I can say I wholeheartedly disagree. But honestly I think white males, especially well-off white males have a very hard time recognizing every instance in every day where discrimination could, and often does, affect ones life, especially when that racism, veiled or overt, comes from people or institutions that have the power. Because it’s not so much one person here and there, it sort of comes from every angle, and the deck is stacked in such a way that those affected have to work twice as hard and be twice as diligent and make not even a tenth of the mistakes, to get half as far as a white male, in general in life. And I don’t say this with malice or without forethought… I do have the research to back it up (coming soon to a blog near you lol *wink wink*

    But it’s not something you personally would see unless you walked a mile in someone else’s shoes because, even if you’re not part of the problem, the problem will still never affect your life in any meaningful way, and because it’s no longer PC to be vocally, explicitly discriminatory while in these positions of power and then laugh it up with the boys over a game of golf, or a beer or whatever, later on, it would be very easy for you to not notice or understand if it never happens to you.

    Unless you really make the effort to get it. I know I’ve been very general here, cause I don’t want to write a series of novels in response, but over the next month, I have many a post in the works that will more fully describe some of my positions.


    • I don’t even know where to start here. First of all, never apologize for long replies/comments, that’s what gets great conversations happening. As far as your white male observation I will have to admit that you are right, that lifestyle you describe is not one I am part of. Quite the opposite. I work in manufacturing as an inventory manager, I’m very low on the totem pole work-wise. My home life is simple, revolves around the people in my life. It is fortunate for me that I don’t have to witness these things. I know it exists but the stereotype of the rich white male fitting across the board as the description for ALL white males is what I was referring to because it doesn’t fit everyone and especially not me. I look forward to your upcoming posts this month!


      • Ahhhhhhh OK I hear you. No, I definitely would never imply that all white males are discriminatory or would like to perpetuate the cycle of racism or inequality. I think making that kind of generalization is just as bad as sunshine making the generalizations that I find to be racist and offensive.

        I do think, and I say this about the white members in my family as well… that part of the problem is either a lack of acknowledgement for the severity and consistency of discrimination that surrounds a black person in today’s society, and rationalizations as to how black people have somehow brought it upon themselves.

        Just as I believe it is only a small but noticeable and vocal part of the white community that still dream of ethnic cleansing, it is only a small though noticeable and focused-upon part of the black community that adheres to negative stereotypes, and calls racism when they damn well know that they’ve done something very wrong and are paying a fair price.

        Funny story, yesterday I met up with a friend for a coffee date. Because I parked, in a parking spot in a parking lot, because that spot was the closest to my friends car I could get, but the guy I parked in front of decided to be angry I picked the spot in front of him to park my car in (he was having a bad day… Car accident was being dealt with), the OPP officer got out of his car to storm across the lot and scream at me and berate me for doing something perfectly logical and illegal. And when I wouldn’t cower he actually started threatening me… To have my license revoked, to arrest me for having a smart mouth, that I should know my place. How dare I go and park all up in this white man’s business, even though said man got to the parking lot after my friend and chose to park near her, even though the lot was pretty packed, so I would have had to walk clear across the lot if I had found parking somewhere else, and more importantly, I HAD DONE NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY WRONG, UNREASONABLE, OR ILLOGICAL.

        My friend was just livid. She was more so when he came to her window about an hour later and was all kinds of polite to her. We’re actually filling a complaint, already have the ball rolling. She was flabbergasted. I actually told her, it’s funny, because here we were having this conversation in blog-land, and there was my friendly reminder that sometimes my only crime is being black in public in white suburbia.

        Thank God she didn’t open her mouth and say something right there. See, that’s the problem too is, when it happens, the smartest thing you can do is shut your mouth and stay calm, very very calm, and then go through official, very public channels later. Cause it would have ended very badly for me… He would have worked very very hard to destroy me, and the only reason he didn’t is because I had a nice white girl in my presence. You should have heard the words coming out of his mouth… At the topic of his lungs. While the middle aged white man in front of me delighted and egged him on.


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