What’s In The Bag?


I was told that I would be super pissed with the ending of the movie “Metallica: Through The Never” but I wasn’t told why. Now I know why and yes she was right, it pissed me off not knowing what was in the bag. If you are asking why I just watched this movie its pretty simple, everyone figured I owned it or had seen it but I never took the time myself to pick it up. My children figured it out and bought it for me for Father’s day this year. Getting on line provided me some humorous answers but no definitive answer to what’s in the damn bag. After reading 500+ possibilities I will just have to assume that there was never an interest in revealing anything about the bag. Have you seen the movie? What’s your guess of what’s in the bag? But, besides the hanger of the bag focused on in the movie,  I found this movie to be excellent Metallica form.

The image included within this post was found using Google image search and does not belong to me nor do I know who it belongs to.

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