P.S.A From Your Friends @ T.S.O.T.S.B.


In case y’all are wondering, yes this is a picture of a portion of the overgrown woods in my backyard. I was on my way down to the river, walking a trail I walk daily, and I began to get service notifications on my phone, seems I was out of WiFi range and my 4G was unable to stay connected. I just grinned and kept walking, no problem. I thought I would share my picture as well as remind everyone that its okay not to be connected, there are outdoors to enjoy and to explore. Just keep this in mind next time you experience an outage, mother nature is awesome and always available. I’m just saying.

4 responses to “P.S.A From Your Friends @ T.S.O.T.S.B.

  1. Makes sense. Good read.
    Do people really need to be on-line every moment awake? My 2 sons look at their phones more than where they walk in the house. Two lads teenage and just left teenage years. I never get how they are always on-line. House = Laptop…On the go, in the house = Tablet…And all other times = Phone.

    I thought this was just a young person thing… lol

    Own up, who lives on-line, with or without a job, in any event I mean..



  2. Yes, I agree that it’s really not necessary to have the phone working all the time; think of how we managed before! Had to search for a public phone (what’s that?). I believe we have become too dependent on that little bugger. Oh, how I feel lost without it, though. Nice woods behind your house. Your post is right on.


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