Looking For Opinions. Please Review


Currently I’m working on a “guide” about Ball Pythons. I have over 30 years experience in the raising, caring, and breeding of Ball Pythons which I think might help people who are interested in reading about the topic. When I write the guide I will break it down into probably 4 or more individual posts, but also include the guide, in its entirety, in one or two places. One option is to add a “tab” above with a corresponding link to the right, or I will create a secondary blog which would be solely dedicated to the guide and refer to it back here. Or, I might just do both.

Which is where I’m requesting everyone’s help. Number one, of course, I am curious if it would even get read or not. Number two, how best to present it to readers. And number three, would it be better just to do multiple posts and give them their own category. I have the material, that’s not the problem, its the wondering of how to present it in a manner that would be the most helpful. I also keep scorpions as well, so your response will determine how far I move forward with either.

So, everyone who is reading this post has an opinion, I would like to very much hear it from everyone. I appreciate all of your support and look forward to the individual feedback. Thank You.

4 responses to “Looking For Opinions. Please Review

  1. I think that a guide like that can be very fascinating. Especially for people who have these kind of animals or are considering getting them.
    A tab would work just fine, you can add tags so google can find it.
    As for the presentation, make sure that the text is easy to read for everyone, use short sentences and use pictures to back up the text.
    Multiple posts would make the information clear and easier to find.
    Hope I could be of any help.
    Hugz & Love ❤


    • Well, as is stands, there is now a tab, and I have also added the link to the right because I realized that there were going to be many posts so I made a sister blog dedicated to the “Guide”. I will probably continue to re-blog posts from there to here, but in a way, it feels very self serving.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your opinions on the subject. I won’t candy coat this, but a blog about ball pythons is probably going to be a hard ” sell” to my readers. Again, thank you for your time and opinions.


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