Veteran denied entry to Six Flags for wearing ‘Keep Calm And Return Fire’ shirt

I know this experience personally, mine was at Sea World two years ago, wearing a USAF shirt which has a F-15 jet dropping bombs, but there is no ground in the image so one can’t tell a target. But, it was offensive and I was denied entry. WTF people? There can be offensive language, religion, and your favorite product, but nothing military. Isn’t that just beautiful?

The Citizen Media


A Marine veteran who served in Iraq was told he couldn’t go into Six Flags Great Adventure Saturday because his “Keep Calm And Return Fire” shirt was “offensive.”

Mario Alejandro was celebrating a birthday party at the amusement park with his family when a security guard stopped him and said he had to either change shirts or leave, reports.

“I was walking in through the gate with my wife and kids, who were in front of me, when a security guard grabbed me and said, ‘I can’t let you into the park with that shirt on. That shirt’s offensive,” Alejandro told the newspaper. “I said that it’s not offensive, it’s a military shirt. I told him that I am an Iraq veteran … I served in the war. But he said, ‘I don’t care, you have to take that off … or you need to buy another shirt to put…

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