WOW! Time Has Really Flown By


What a surprise to open my notifications at see this waiting for me there. I guess I haven’t been counting the days and with this surprise it was evident to me that I wasn’t really pay attention. Well, all I can say is I hope the coming year will be packed with as much fun, love, fellowship, and support that has been shown to me over the last year since I made the move to WordPress. Thanks everyone for making blogging so much fun to do.

8 responses to “WOW! Time Has Really Flown By

  1. Time flies when one is having fun but it is never much fun to be over run by flies.

    Just a little ridiculous attempt at humor there.

    I think the coming year will be filled with lots of good times as well as some challenging ones too.

    Good to see your blog again. I always enjoy it.


      • Well, I try to be fun in the real world first, then that bleeds over here. I, at one point, lost an interest in sharing because I couldn’t stand the constant bombardment of negativity I would see. Then I realized that I didn’t care anymore, its my blog, my rules, my opinions, and if someone disagreed then screw them, because it is what it is, no more or no less, this is what I’m offering. I have made great friends and great enemies with this blog, and I have learned that is a balance that is needed to be “successful”. I have the easy job, I just post what I want and move on.


      • That I understand very well …. the blog is like our home. We can do what we please in our homes. Those who come … do so at their own risk!

        Indeed … post what you want, and move on. It’s very well done!!



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