Many Of The Exact Same Questions


First of all, I really appreciate all the email and I see that, in general, that the 312 emails are asking the following questions. When did your blog turn into a porn blog? What is my fascination with almost naked women holdings guns? Why am I fixated on nearly nude women with tattoos? Why are there no pictures of half naked men on this blog? And finally, why do you curse and use the F word all the time?

I guess the first thing for me to do for y’all with any sort of questions that deal with the contents I post here is refer you to the very top of this blog. See the first link at the top left of this blog that reads “T.S.O.T.S.B Agreement For Entry“, click on it. Out of shear curiosity I would think the inquisitive visitor has clicked on the link to see what he/she has gotten themselves into. However, the agreement is very general, I plan on doing some updates soon, but it does state you will encounter mature content and somewhat course language. But enough about something people should have read and move on, shall we.

Why women? Well, you see, that is what is pleasant to the eyes for me. Why scantily clad women? Even better for my eyes. Here’s the deal, I do what I do here for my sake. What I write or what I post otherwise is for me first, if y’all like it fine and the same goes for the opposite, in fact, it’s all good with me either way. Hopefully that sums it up for y’all. Oh, wait, before I forget, do y’all know why you’ll never see pictures of half dressed men here? The answer is simple, I don’t like looking at half naked men so therefore I don’t share anything like that. End of discussion, period.

Now, a word about the fucking language I use around here. It just so happens I talk almost the same way in the real world, except here it is toned down quite a bit. With that being said, see the message below and I hope everyone has had their questions addressed. If not, I don’t know what more I can really say.


2 responses to “Many Of The Exact Same Questions

  1. I curse a lot as a means to help me achieve outcomes. Most of the time, it’s innocuous and geared towards eliciting a humorous response. It helps me with stress management and I also use it as a substitute for physical aggression. Ever hit your finger with hammer and tried not to drop an F-Bomb? It’s almost impossible. Your content kicks ass. Too much drilling down of the American Male Psyche has occurred since John Wayne died. We are Men. We like tits, tattooed ladies, guns, steak and eggs, our Military, Mama n’em, and Apple Pie. This ain’t Communist China just yet… Keep up the good work Brofessor.


    • Sometimes it seems that our watered down society has made everyone forget what makes the world go around, and that is people, as individual as we are, we are what it’s all about. It’s all about choices, some people consider coming here a mistake while others can’t get enough. I gave up trying to balance what I like with everyone else. People get what I give and that’s what I offer.


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