Something I Need To Say Tonight

I originally posted this on Facebook and I realized that people that visit here and comment aren’t just coming from Facebook, y’all come from everywhere. My message is quite universal tho, it applies to everyone around. That’s why I like this blog and the audience that visits, neither of us know exactly what we will get from one day to the next, y’all are all great, thanks.


As I sit here outside in the cool of the evening, drinking my 4th glass of crown and smoking too many cigarettes, I realized I had a pretty fucked up day. But, now its over, now I get to finish my relaxing, take a hot shower, and sooner or later climb into bed. I just wanted to thank those of y’all who took the time to visit my blog today, to thank those who commented, and those who shared with me on Facebook today. It’s refreshing to know that there are people in the world that also get fed up with the lady I dealt with today. Antimilitary fucks just get under my skin, one cannot educate or eliminate them, so what can we do other than tolerate their overly aggressive attempts to lash out for reasons unknown. Anyway, it was good to talk with people today, it felt good to get pissed, and it will let me go to sleep before I polish off this entire bottle of crown. Tomorrow is another day with new challenges and old ones as well.  Again, thanks, y’all know who I’m talking to.

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