Sticks And Stones………………..Right?


I belong to a fair share of “groups” on Facebook that host a large number of military/veteran members. On occasion, this being one of them, I come across some really stupid and frustrating bullshit or people, this case it is both. I have to remind myself that pieces of shit like this one roam the gutters of our fine planet. I won’t lie to y’all either, I visited his Facebook page where the image below was grabbed, and I wanted to weep for his ignorant ass, but instead I was struck with a fit of laughter. I’m sorry if y’all happen to be his friend, but he is a fucking douche.


15 responses to “Sticks And Stones………………..Right?

  1. On top of us Veterans pulling top shelf women he couldn’t fuck in monkey whorehouse with a sack of bananas in his hand, on top of being already everything he wishes he was, on top of the fact that he hides behind a computer screen to run his suck about Troops, does not top the fact that this little hater would get his ass mopped across the floor in the presence of an Alpha. Stupid betas… When will they learn bro? Fuck that guy.

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