Okay People, Here We Go Again

What is it with everyone? As my blog has become a little more popular, a little bit more exposed, and a little more read, I keep getting people wanting to know what the person behind the scorpion looks like. Why is that important? If you know me you know me, if I share it with you or you see me in person is when you know you know me. Search this blog, there’s pictures of me here somewhere. Yes, it’s true, I’m shadowed in my fair share of anonymity for good reasons in my book. What I look like is not important, the fact that this keeps y’all guessing is not important, respecting my choices to operate in this manner should be important. But, I will do y’all a favor, just to show y’all I’m human and care a little, and show myself to y’all so you get an idea if my appearance.


As well, I will introduce my new icon/logo that I’m considering changing to. But I have decided yet, I like the red scorpion. The one luxury I have in life is to be able to travel the internet light a figment of the imagination, a déjà vu y’all feel in the breeze, and that taste of you sometimes have in your mouth.  I will offer y’all this, those of you concerned will understand, if you have my cell number or I have yours, I will exchange things with you, I owe a select handful my real name already because as friends, we should be on the same page, plus it makes it easier in person. Anyhow, here is what I might switch to. Yay or nay?


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