Dark poetry: Days to come

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m really liking this one!


Days to come

Days to come


Staring out the rain covered windows

Wondering, dreaming, pondering

About the days to come

Dark days, dark nights

An appointment with the gallows

The lifeline slowly breaking


Dreaming with eyes wide open

Worrying, fearing, dreading

The days to come

Empty days, empty nights

So many words unspoken

A heart that keeps bleeding


Crying in absolute and utter silence

Dazzling, circling, doubting

Over the days to come

Hollow days, hollow nights

Wandering without guidance

Losing the war without fighting


Crawling to the rain covered windows

Crushing, destroying, ending

The days to come

Trifling days, trifling nights

The leap and the scream that follows

Silence, when the heart stops beating

Just Patty

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