Did You Really Just Search These Terms?


Once again I find myself trolling my own stats, looking at the last seven days, the search terms which lead people here to be more specific. Before y’all read on, and y’all do need to read on, be reminded that I have never claimed to be a “Rated G” blog by no means ever. But, damn people, why in the hell are y’all searching for allot of this stuff for? I have reviewed many of them and I don’t see the how many of the search terms relate to my 8,252 tags on some 2,735 posts. We’ve had this discussion before, maybe it’s just me, but it’s probably y’all. I should warn y’all that if you searched for “it” then someone else knows about it, so deleting history really serves no purpose.

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devildriver marijuana shirt 3
princes breastfeeding animals 3
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dale earnhardt sr 2000 taz car wallpaper 2
https://thestingofthescorpion.wordpress.com/tag/snaefell/ 2
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mack trash truck rv 2
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Unknown search terms 2,346

As y’all can see, in the last seven days there were also 2,346 unknown search terms which led people here. Yes I find it bizarre, a little, but mostly I wonder why people search for some things, some are pretty fucked up in my opinion. But, to each his/her own, I don’t judge, but y’all need to remember that every bit of your search data is recorded somewhere on the internet. This is just a little ‘ol personal blog, imagine what the big boys out there record. Anyway, thought this was fun, I’m not pointing fingers or nothing, just making the observation that some of us have way too much time on our hands sometimes. Hope y’all enjoyed the display, it was a direct copy of my stats page.

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