When We Breakdown To Make Changes

We all do it, maybe not everyday, but we all make changes we see fit to fill one need or another. This isn’t breaking news or anything, but I’ve found that each day I try to intentionally find things in my life I would like to change. Call it a mental bucket list of the things that would be better off changed in my opinion. Before one starts tossing things in the bucket of change one must first recognize the things that he/she has no control over to change. A good example of something I have no control of is the weather here in Houston or the fact that the mosquitos will always be here. One cannot change other people either, trust me I’ve tried, but we can change ourselves or adapt to keep the peace. Have y’all ever noticed that we spend so much time changing what we think or do because it is the easy thing to do? Its easy to change oneself and usually it is done in vain because its not noticed. Before I get too deep here, lets begin with the basics. First of all, if y’all haven’t noticed, this blog is merely a hobby of mine, and at one given time in history I spent allot of time trying to get my blog seen, usually in vain. I can write here that being seen doesn’t matter to me, for the most part its true, very true, but there is a part of me that likes to see my blog stats and see that I get over a thousands visitors, not just views, but over a thousand individual visitors each day. Trust me, I have reviewed my overall blog and I don’t get it either. People from all over the world, people of all ages, and people from all walks of life visit here each day, they read the current posts as well as look through all the past stuff. Sadly, since my blog bounces all over with a vast bit of topics its truly hard to say what people are drawn too. That’s not altogether true, I do know what y’all are looking at and what doesn’t get looked at, ever.


In that regard, I take down some static features that over time have become outdated or the idea was bigger in my head than it really was. I also get a fair share of fan mail, telling me what they like, what they would like to see more of, and that the accidental stumbling onto my blog was well worth the time wasted here. I get allot of hate mail as well, and we know what I think about those people, you may have come here by mistake but it is also you who made the choice to continue exploring. I sell nothing here, I have no sponsors here, and I do all of this for free and for fun. So many of y’all want me to put your stories up and when I reply to you that I will not do it, y’all get pissed. Well, as much as I hate rules, I do have rules, simple ones. I will not post things which you are peddling anything, not even for non profit organizations. I will not post your politics or religion here either, both are personal choices a person makes and many people aren’t buying the shit y’all are slinging. I’m “anti” many things, very true, but in my own personal way, I try to stay off the band wagon because its generally to rough of a ride in my opinion. However, visitors here see that I post many different things, maybe not something for everyone, but that was never the point, I’m not here to make everyone happy or to piss off everyone either. Moving on, I do read all of my email, not skim, read, then I make a choice, dumpster or in the que. There is no easy answer to who or what makes it into the que, guess it just depends on my mood that day. I’m pretty laid back so its actually real hard to rub me the wrong way.

On the flip side of that, I don’t usually try to rub people the wrong way, but since we all have opinions, shit happens. There are things, places, and people I don’t like in the world. There are things, people, and places I avoid like some kind of unknown plague because I don’t want the bullshit in my life. Don’t even get me started on other people’s drama that the try to drag me into. Man, oh man, I try to live such a simple life. Unfortunately this blog is a double edged sword since I can openly discuss whatever in the fuck I want, how in the fuck I want, and when I want. But, there are others who don’t share my opinions, I get that, I don’t fault people for not having my opinion, in fact I fully applaud that people think on their own. Its the ones who have been fed bullshit for so long that they actually think all others should think that way as well. Those people can piss up a rope in a hurricane for all I care.

So, I made a choice that may or may not set well with others. I decided to take off the kiddie gloves and go bare fisted for a change. I’m taking this blog back to its roots, taking it way back, back to when I started with Blogger, who coincidently was not real receptive to my unadulterated opinions on the world. I used to piss on allot of parades, it got to the point where Google killed off my entire account because my blog, my words, my stories, and everything else offended the right people at the wrong time. I moved on, found me a new home, found that the same people are there, people look for the things they don’t like, they attack my improper use of grammar and the English language, the attack my lack of Christian faith and condemn me to their hell because I feel they are flaws in their organized religions. Its like they are oblivious to the world around them, or they can’t read, or they don’t watch the news, its as if they choose to stay uninformed. I get attacked because I’m not that into their particular politics, defending politicians as they do they faith. Lets not forget that I’m pro military and pro veteran, because its a part of my everyday life. Content here always seems to raise an eyebrow or three, and NO I didn’t know I could write or speak without using the word fuck. Is that even possible? I’m taking it back, my blog, and I’m doing things my way. Some of y’all will come along for the ride, others will fall off, soon forgotten, and I’m really ok with that.

Why do I feel I need to take time to explain all of this to all of y’all? Good question, but I don’t have an actual direct answer. I used to think I wanted to live in the internet world where all just get along, but we all know, as much as we want internet utopia so we can have internet euphoria that it is one thing we can honestly guarantee will not happen, at least not in my lifetime it won’t. Well, doing posts about fluffy kittens dancing with unicorns isn’t exactly my cup of tea, in fact tea isn’t my cup of tea either. Why not actually have posts which, because the topic made me think enough to write about, have posts that make others visiting think. I can tell you why, people don’t want to think for themselves, they want others to tell them what opinion to have. You know I’m right, I feel the wind from everyone nodding their heads at the same time. Hopefully this realization will not cause a butterfly effect. If you don’t know what the butterfly effect is then I highly recommend googling it or something, or none of what you’ll ever read here, past or present, will ever make any sense to you. Maybe that’s the problem, maybe I’m the problem, maybe when I made the choice to get out of the box to find my answers I created my own new set of problems, because not everybody followed me out of the box. It’s like people are in the think inside the box cult, fearing ideas that have been associated with being out of the box. What are we? Are we kittens or puppies they are giving away in the parking lot of Walmart? You are if that is where your comfort level is. I will give y’all a little teaser of my next post, I warn you it will be about church and people and a recent interaction I have had.

I have on my “I don’t give a flying fuck” hat right now, it feels good upon my head. From now on it will be my way here, fuck the highway, I don’t give two shits where people go. I had a long discussion with my oldest daughter, in regards to just deleting this black hole. She talked me out of it, she says I have decent reasoning, but doesn’t see me being the quitter, at least that is what she has learned from me as a father. Man, she pulled out the “daddy card” on me, then I had to rein in what I was thinking, which really made me sit back to see how to regroup. Dammit. She’s right. The easy, or as she put it, stupid, thing to do is to just hit delete and it all goes away. But, she reminded me I like challenges in life, and as much as I might bitch about things being out of control here, I wouldn’t be happy without my blog(s). She speaks of it as it as if it saves lives or something, well, it does, my own, it helps me balance my sanity. I never dreamed or aspired to be a writer, of any kind, but I do get a certain of satisfaction writing right here, about life, about people, about family, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. It’s like an extension of my favorite hobby, people watching, because I do enjoy people watching quite a bit. People are amazing in everything we do, usually until we open our mouths, then all fuck breaks loose, and then it’s a party. Well, I need to move on, I think I’ve said my piece, made my point, and explained just enough to confuse everyone. Yes I know I ramble, yes I know I can’t stay on topic, and no I don’t care, that’s the exact way I’m in real life. It freaks people out. Well, that and the fact that I just appear out of thin air, stealth like, then poof there I am. One cannot raise 3 kids and not know how to be sneaky. Except one thing, I was born this way, having children just improved my abilities.

I guess all I can ask is that as the “change” happens that you never look directly into the light, nothing good ever happens when we look directly into the light. I leave y’all with the favorite lie I hate hearing every time the vampires want a sample of my blood, “it’s a small needle, you will feel a little prick, at most, but you won’t feel a thing”. Lying cunt, I always feel it when the needle rips thru my skin, I always do, everyday, twice a day. Why lie? All I know is it is now open season on whatever I want to talk about. The times are over where I’m suppose to care or cater to each person is over, the clock is smashed into a million tiny pieces, and there is no time to write anything but what I want to write.

One response to “When We Breakdown To Make Changes

  1. Honesty is what I like about your blog. I like your writing, your thoughts, your sharing. Whether I agree with you on everything is besides the point. You do make me think and I appreciate that. Good luck man.

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