Motivational & Inspirational Shit


Introducing, no drum roll please, a new category here at The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog, it is collectively being called “Motivational & Inspirational Shit”. Why a new category? Well, there’s actually a few reasons I consider to be good reasons which began with a trend I have seen across the internet which basically irritated me and it prompted me to come up with my own personal version. Personal version of what? Let me try to explain my logic or mentality on this matter. Whether you understand it or not is not the actual point, the point is that I have my very own fucking way of doing things. In this case it’s mockery of all the inspirational, motivational, demotivational, and quotes out there that either have a nonsense background of some sorts or nothing at all. Most times, in my opinion, the background doesn’t fit the phrase, saying, or quote, so I’m starting my own version. You’ve all seen me post quotations here, you’ve all seen me post pictures here before, well to tell you the truth the scenic backgrounds tend to bore me, so I’m spicing this shit up a step or three. What do I mean? Take the picture used for this post, it has the qualities I’m looking for, the female form to sit behind the words that most people don’t read to begin with. Y’all may have seen this trend on recent posts and on page identifiers to the right, so I’m just continuing with that theme. So what do you get as the reader? You’ll get quotes or sayings or sarcasm with a pleasing to the eye (at least my eye) background. It’s simple and easy. Feel free to download, copy, and use any that you see fit and if would, just give my blog a mention. I hope this explains my intent and if not then just enjoy the pictures.

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