Try To Understand My Point Of View


Through many, many private messages, text messages, and emails today I have been asked why I’m not falling in ranks by updating my profile picture everywhere with a picture of myself in the military. Hmmm, well, today is no different than any other day that I enjoy a fair amount of anonymity since my blog, my personal life, and professional lives usually only cross because words are spoken. If it helps, I’m a 6’8″, 230#, white, going gray, dark brown eyes, prior military service, Texan, 47 year old of the male species of the human race. Now you should be able to pick me out of a crowd, right? So, all y’all get is a mental picture unless you were lucky in the past and actually saw 2 I posted before. If not, you’re sincerely shit out of luck. With all of that being said, I cannot apologize for my lack of personal pictures, they just don’t exist on the internet, I’ve tried hard to keep it that way. To tell y’all the truth, there aren’t that many pictures of me in existence for one reason or another.

Please take time to let The Sting Of The Scorpion know what you are thinking.

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