So, Where Do We Go From Here?


I would like to think we could move this fucking relationship forward just a few notches. I would like to think I lived in a fucking world where my personal opinions matter. I would like to think the fucking haters had the balls to actually post a fucking comment on my last post instead of bombarding my email, my twitter, and Facebook messenger, but they can’t now can they. For some reason they don’t want to actually be on record spewing their bullshit on the actual post, if your going to say it motherfuckers then fucking say it for everyone to see. But you can’t, your too pussy to stick a comment on the post so everyone can see it, no, we have to keep it private. Why? Well, I’m not sharing any of the 386 messages sent to me privately, but I am going to discuss some of them right here and right now. Come out of the shadows motherfuckers, its time to play.

I’m not comfortable with decisions that are being made as I write this right now. Why must we put Americans at risk? I have an alternate plan for everyone to consider. All of the people who agree to bringing refugees to the United States of America is a fantastic idea raise your hands, waive those motherfuckers up real high. Now, get in your car and drive to the port of entry in your state and pick up 4 refugees, make sure they’re buckled up tight, now drive back to your house. Now, give them the keys to your car and your house, they just moved in with you indefinitely. You and your family are now financially responsible for them. You’ll take care of all of their needs, be it food, shelter, clothing, cell phone, education, and so forth. You will do this for them, their children, their children’s children, and so forth, passing the responsibilities of your decision onto your children for generations to come. Now, you will also have a federal and state tax increases, part of which will help subsidize your choice and others making similar choices. So, its very easy, just invite them to stay with you and your kids, I’m sure it will be fine, I trust your judgement and opinion.

Now, how many of y’all will follow through with your decision?

But, I will be deemed a very insensitive asshole now, because I don’t live in la la land. But I never once mentioned risk or threat or consequences because in la la land its never a problem, history cannot be repeated or reproduced on another country’s soil, no, never. If not, then why do we taxpayers pay the salaries of experts, analysts, advisors, and personal trained in terrorists and counter terrorism which are all telling the President it is a really bad decision? You’re right, what in the fuck do they know! When this all goes down, and if history holds true to repeat itself, it will go down, I want all of you who raised your hands here in the beginning to pat yourself on the back because you are getting exactly what you asked for. But then again, who am I, how can I know anything about anything? You’re right, I’m just an average American with bills to pay just like everyone else. I don’t know shit. I haven’t seen shit. I do possess something many don’t, common sense with the fucking need to apply that shit liberally on everything and anything. I’m just a person who is very tired of people making choices and not owning that decision. I hope I’m wrong, I hope y’all get your cake and get to eat it in peace, I hope that nobody dies because another politician made a bad choice. Because we all know our (the American people) best interests are always the reason why we put our continued faith, as a Nation, in the palms of politicians.

You know what, fuck you! Writing this post in Crayons so everyone would understand isn’t my fucking style. I don’t care any longer about your fucking feelings. You are correct, I do have a serious problem, that problem is people who choose not to be informed, people who live their fucking lives with their heads shoved deep in their asses, people who have decided that our Constitution, our Flag, and the United States of America means absolutely nothing because they treat it all like it is nothing. We are the land of free shit, not paying debts, and turning our backs on the people on our own streets. So, yes, fuck all of you motherfuckers, you are destroying my country which you live yet hate, so fuck you. I find no pleasure in saying I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, its a train that is getting very close to ending our lives. Let it all soak in, before long we will be the weak country, financially crippled, without borders, without a police force, and without a military. Your beloved politicians have gladly sold the American people to the highest bidder along with her land, resources, and opportunities. I will say it now, your fucking welcome, hope you choke on your piss poor choices.

For the rest of y’all, I share in your sorrows as you are asked to sit idly by as your Country is flushed down the ‘ol shitter. I feel and know your pain. After my last post 119 people made the choice to stop following my blog, maybe that’s just coincidence, maybe it goes beyond that last post, maybe it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, or maybe shit just happened in that way. What it says to me personally is people are very sensitive about this topic, almost as if it is taboo to have an opinion on the subject that is different than them, it says I touched the right nerve is what it says. The difference is that I put my independent thought out there to be seen, I was not herded with the sheeple to regurgitate what I was brainwashed into thinking, I see now the point I thought would be lost was actually taken nicely. I get it, its not nice, its not fair, and its a shitty predicament, but it is what it is, nothing else. Like I said earlier, I really hope I’m wrong. And for y’all waiting for an apology, move to the back of that really fucking long line over there. Y’all keep writing to me, before long I can print it all out and use it to start a fire in my pit later. Until next time, don’t drink the kool-aid or eat the yellow snow! As for the rest of you, yes, you know who you are, yes you, suck it motherfucker.

Please take time to let The Sting Of The Scorpion know what you are thinking.

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