Just Sitting On My Rocker…….


I find myself torn from the direction I was traveling after this week’s blog posts. Part of me wants to stand up and yell “you bunch of stupid fuckers” at the top of my voice. Part of me wants to just throw my hands up and say “fuck it” in a low voice of disgust. Part of me wants to bury my own head in the sand while hoping I don’t get fucked in the ass. Part of me wonders if perhaps on just in a dream where I’m invisible and my screams cannot be heard. Part of me just wants to sit in my rocker on the porch as I’m doing this very moment as I shake my own head at what I’m writing. In the end, I think I will incorporate all of the above into the rest of my afternoon before I head to bed to be rested for work later tonight. For the second time in my life I sit with my mind blown in confusion. It makes no fucking sense to me at all where I’m at mentally with this damn blog. I get bitched at for being “neutral” on so many things, I get bitched at for having an opinion and expressing said opinion, I get bitched at for being proud to be an American, I get bitched at because I’m a proud supporter of our military and veterans, and I get bitched at for the criticism of the current administration. I think I’ve grown tired of reminding Americans that the grand design of any military is to kill and destroy, and not have their hands tied because there could be casualties. Regardless, very few people care these days about the military, they only worry about money lost or spent, and how none of the events effect them personally. So be it. I for one have rational fears based in reality and the new history being written every day right under our noses. So what, right? Right. I know we all will continue to live our lives on our own terms as we have always chosen to do. Many, by many I’m talking over 300, people chose to unfollow my blog over the last week, which is fine with me, I never knew so many people even followed this blog in the numbers it has.  I’ve always invited people to come or go based on their personal choice to come and go. Where I’m going with this is that  I made my own choices to explain what I did, all of it can be verified or  confirmed is one chose to dig for the information, but many don’t, it has to be spoon fed to them in low quantities very slowly or they get overwhelmed. It’s not new information unless someone just has had their head in the sand forever. People are right, if it isn’t this administration doing stupid shit it’s another, could be either party. But the daily politics and policies do effect us all, every single minute, every single hour, and every single day. Perhaps I’d be better off crossing over and joining the blind side, who knows. Anyway, my intentions were to educate not to alienate, but like most touchy subjects people go from zero to pissed in no seconds flat. Be pissed at me that’s great, but I’m merely one of thousands of messengers who are just trying to share at shed some light on a very real and blacked out subject. Finally, I’m not a conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone’s out to get me, I’m just aware of what is or isn’t happening beyond my front porch. That’s all, no more no less. I appreciate each of y’all that chooses to visit here and really do value your opinions. I close in reminding y’all that the voices in my head have indeed consulted one another and they assure me I do not need to seek professional help. Have a good day, I’m off to bed.

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