Merry Christmas To One And All


Here on The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog as well as in my own personal life, I say generally what I want, when I want, where I want, how I want, and why I want. This doesn’t mean I’m making a personal attack on you or trying to offend you, it just means I don’t make an effort to change who I am because of who you are. When it is Christmas I say Merry Christmas when the mood strikes me. However, since I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas, most people don’t have to worry.

Yet again, year after year there is some kind of war on Christmas, because it’s not fucking politically correct for some ass backwards reason. Personally I don’t care what the reasons are, your excuses fall on deaf ears here, and if you try and correct me or those near and dear to me I have a news flash for you, I don’t give a flying fuck if you don’t like hearing it. Are we clear yet? Yes, Christmas has been turned into a commercial nightmare putting people further into debt each year. So the fuck what, make your choices, spend your money, buy shit nobody wants or needs, do Christmas however you want to.

I’ll leave you with a my final Christmas message, I say Merry Christmas, I’m greeting you and wishing you peace and happiness, stop trying to fuck that up because you are offended or you consider it not politically correct, fuck you.


Being The Father Of The Bride

One would think that the title, “father of the bride”, is to be dealt with lightly, but I’m here to tell you that the weight the title carries buckles the knees of the strongest men. Even I, a simple man, a man who only wants his children to be happy and healthy, has a hard time holding it all together on the ” big day”. Yes, it has finally happened, my 19 y/o daughter tied the knot this past weekend. After months of preparing, the day came and went like a gentle breeze. I’ve been to a few weddings in my life, been married twice of course, but nothing prepared me for giving my baby girl away in marriage, nothing. I’m sure at least a few of y’all are shaking your head in agreement, because you know I’m right.

I’m not going to talk much about the wedding ceremony itself, I think we all pretty much know how those go, and this wedding was no different, but this time it was my daughter who was the beautiful bride. I would, however, like to talk about the reception, because this is the place I learned how much my daughter really knew me, like deep down to my soul knew me, because she found the ways to make a normally emotionless man shed tears not only in sadness but in joy as well. I personally didn’t think I would break down in front of hundreds of people, but it happened. Let’s go back a while first, where it actually started hitting me. It was time now, after she was dressed in her gown, for me to place her garter, a garter she had not seen yet, a garter I searched high and low to find, the perfect garter for my little girl. Little did I know this was to be such a huge event, so many people were there, and the photographer catching every meaningful moment. I had no idea my special gift, my personal touch, and the beautiful garter of lace and satin would be such a “moment” for everyone. But it was, and it was a hard moment for me, it was when I realized that when the garter is finally removed she will be married. Let that sink in a moment, it hit me like a ton and a half of bricks, I was not prepared for the emotions or the brief moments of flashbacks to her childhood, or me as the proudest dad ever.

Soon, the ceremony was over, my little girl was now officially a married woman, and the next chapter of her life is beginning. I had thought I was keeping it together, remaining stoic in my composure, being the happy dad on the outside, hiding the even sadder dad on the inside. I was doing a damn fine job of it too, until my daughter decided it was time for her to give a toast. She raised her glass of sparkling grape and announced she would like to give a toast to her dad, her dad who was and always will be there for her, no matter what. There was more, much more, it grabbed my heart and began to ring out tears and emotion I didn’t even know was inside me. When she was done, when the clapping stopped, I made my way to the front of the room, going behind the table where she stood in happy tears, and we had the second biggest hug we ever had. Then it was announced that the father and daughter dance was going to commence momentarily so we needed to make our way to the dance floor. I was prepared for this once in a lifetime dance, I really was, but I was not prepared for the song she selected. Imagine being in the fellowship hall of the church your daughter was just married in and hear the first musical notes of the song “Changes” by Ozzy Osbourne sung with his daughter Kelly Osbourne, a song that I joked was about us, a song about letting go, and a song about daddy’s little girl growing up. To increase the emotional tug of our song, she had prepared a slideshow of many moments of her growing up, of her and I in the good times and bad, and our dance became the hug that I never wanted to end. So, if you were wondering why that was included at the beginning of this post you now have your answer, I hope you enjoyed it.

I close this post now trying to understand the pain and joy of one’s daughter getting married, remembering that in June of 2016 my oldest daughter will be getting married, and I wonder if I’m strong enough to do it twice. Eventhough I’ve said it a trillion times, I want to tell my daughter that she is truly loved and I wish her one thousand years of happiness. To all my readers, thanks for taking the time to share in some of my personal moments and memories today.

T.S.O.T.S.B. Live Podcast????


I have been approached lately by a marketing company here in the greater Houston area who is interested in providing me “tools” to provide live podcasts to offer on The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog. There have been many emails, many telephone conversations, and two meetings in person, the latest was last night when my family and I were taken out to a fancy, high dollar, restaurant called The Aquarium. Last night was the deal breaker, but I will get to that later in this post. I want to first explain how a “fan” of my blog saw fit to approach me with a pitch from her company. I call her a “fan” because she submits stories, pictures, topics, and comments on a very regular basis, and two of her stories have even been used here. But, that’s not what I’m talking about today, let’s talk about the deal.

One can imagine how honored I am that someone would think my little ‘ol blog was even worth talking about, as well as being very surprised, to say the very least. I feel I can discuss and disclose most of this because, spoiler alert, its not happening, probably never. But never seems so how about I’m 99.99% sure it will never happen. Anyway, I was offered a slew of equipment, to include a new laptop and mixer, software and so forth, and a contract offering me $1.01 per download of each podcast which would be available on like 990 sites. Plus, a $2500 cashiers check right now just to say yes. However, I was being asked to break my one and only true rule here, she wanted free advertising space which I would get paid by click. After deep thought, I decided not to sell my soul to the devil in her little red dress. My blog and it’s spaces are not for rent or sale.

Now, many of y’all are thinking that I’m an idiot or some kind of power dumb ass, and maybe you are right, maybe I’m passing up an opportunity of a lifetime, but I believe I’m avoiding disaster. Yes, I’ve done the research, and since I don’t promote anything or sell anything then why would I need more traffic so someone can get caught in the advertising bombardment which is being suggested, and I have ZERO choice on what gets advertised, so, fuck that altogether in my opinion. So, it is what it is, we roll old school, advertising free, free to visit, and only my bullshit to tolerate.

I would like to thank Ms. Kate for her offer, her plan to take my blog places, and the effort she put into her research and proposal. I hope this news (she heard it last night) doesn’t interfere with you still being a loyal long time reader and contributor. So, I was close, real close, but I will never give up the choice of what I show I this blog. With that, I leave y’all to do it the old fashioned way, reading it all yourselves. Podcasts might happen one day, but when that day comes, if it ever should, it will be on my own terms alone.