T.S.O.T.S.B. Live Podcast????


I have been approached lately by a marketing company here in the greater Houston area who is interested in providing me “tools” to provide live podcasts to offer on The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog. There have been many emails, many telephone conversations, and two meetings in person, the latest was last night when my family and I were taken out to a fancy, high dollar, restaurant called The Aquarium. Last night was the deal breaker, but I will get to that later in this post. I want to first explain how a “fan” of my blog saw fit to approach me with a pitch from her company. I call her a “fan” because she submits stories, pictures, topics, and comments on a very regular basis, and two of her stories have even been used here. But, that’s not what I’m talking about today, let’s talk about the deal.

One can imagine how honored I am that someone would think my little ‘ol blog was even worth talking about, as well as being very surprised, to say the very least. I feel I can discuss and disclose most of this because, spoiler alert, its not happening, probably never. But never seems so how about I’m 99.99% sure it will never happen. Anyway, I was offered a slew of equipment, to include a new laptop and mixer, software and so forth, and a contract offering me $1.01 per download of each podcast which would be available on like 990 sites. Plus, a $2500 cashiers check right now just to say yes. However, I was being asked to break my one and only true rule here, she wanted free advertising space which I would get paid by click. After deep thought, I decided not to sell my soul to the devil in her little red dress. My blog and it’s spaces are not for rent or sale.

Now, many of y’all are thinking that I’m an idiot or some kind of power dumb ass, and maybe you are right, maybe I’m passing up an opportunity of a lifetime, but I believe I’m avoiding disaster. Yes, I’ve done the research, and since I don’t promote anything or sell anything then why would I need more traffic so someone can get caught in the advertising bombardment which is being suggested, and I have ZERO choice on what gets advertised, so, fuck that altogether in my opinion. So, it is what it is, we roll old school, advertising free, free to visit, and only my bullshit to tolerate.

I would like to thank Ms. Kate for her offer, her plan to take my blog places, and the effort she put into her research and proposal. I hope this news (she heard it last night) doesn’t interfere with you still being a loyal long time reader and contributor. So, I was close, real close, but I will never give up the choice of what I show I this blog. With that, I leave y’all to do it the old fashioned way, reading it all yourselves. Podcasts might happen one day, but when that day comes, if it ever should, it will be on my own terms alone.

Please take time to let The Sting Of The Scorpion know what you are thinking.

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