Trying To Tame The Beast Is Hard


Over the years I have looked at different ways to keep my composure before, during, and after a conflict. Over the years I have found that for me it is a total crock of shit and truly a waste of my time. I don’t do well with drama, I don’t do well with being lied to, much less these days I really have lost my desire to adult. Why should I have to be the grown up, the adult, the voice of reason, or even care? Why? Well, don’t ask me anything because I really just don’t know anything anymore. As I get a closer grip on 50 I have found that I care much less about so much more and it burdens me to try to explain why it’s this way now. I have a few basic rules, all of equal importance, so disregard any order y’all might see them put in. I would like to think, but often I’m proven wrong, that we all have a basic set of rules when interacting with people. Mine are listed below, in no particular order, they’re just listed.

Since I listen to a great deal of my own personal taste of music I get that others in the car may not have my tastes. On these occasions or instances I do bend and attempt to accommodate others, those others are on a short list which includes my wife, my parents, and the outlaws. Other than those select few I have a suck it motherfucker attitude and you can just endure what you don’t like. I have go to music on the public airways when I make the choice for others which includes classic rock and oldies country. But, as a absolute golden rule, if you see me turn the volume knob and hear the volume increase considerably that means whatever was being said is now on hold. One is free to sing along but you are forbidden to talk to me. I respect the fact you want to talk through a song I like but you need to respect the fact that I am not currently listening nor will I reply. Those who think they know me usually comply but not always.

I don’t do well with being lied to, not to my face, not behind my back, and surely not to save your ass. I would like to think that most people want the common courtesy not to be lied to. When it begins I tend to get that just suck it motherfucker look on my face. I don’t argue with a liar simply because most liars can’t keep the story straight. Just remember, lies are a relationship killer for me. Those of you who are veterans to this blog will recall a section of this blog called The Magic Weekend, well that was a very big motivation for it, the lies, the bullshit, and the lack of clear evidence. More often than not a person who must lie isn’t trying to be funny though, it’s pure deceitfulness.

I think the last thing I will mention, since I am still in the process of teaching my son to drive and it’s pretty fresh is dickhead drivers. One kind specifically, the dickhead who drives by the entire line of others trying to go the same place but can’t possibly wait and must forcably insert his/her car close to the front of the line. The can suck it motherfucker because you will hit my car trying. Fuck you, get in fucking line, we are all trying to get to our fucking destination. I 100% make the exception to all emergency vehicles, no matter what. But the rest of you slimy impatient motherfuckers can just rot in line with the rest of us.

I think in the end, it comes down to respect, something our society lacks because way to many people honestly believe that they should always be first. I’m not that person. I have taken the time to teach my children not to be that person. I know that three simple words, suck it motherfucker, solve many things for me personally. In regards to being finished or done for those regulars here, I’m done with people who will not make the choice to stand out and stand behind their choices.

Anyway, blah blah blah blah, thanks for visiting and enduring my nonsense. I just had all three of my rules crossed first thing this morning and wanted to vent a bit.

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