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As a United States Air Force veteran, I really appreciate the IHeartRadio Show Your Stripes program. I have pointed many friends in this direction and they have all had great success. Congratulations to ALL of them and to Show Your Stripes! I encourage everyone, if you are a veteran looking for a job, if you are a business wanting to hire vets, or if you just want to support the program, to click the picture or follow the links to visit IHeartRadio and get the ball rolling.

One response to “Show Your Stripes

  1. I really like your blog, the lay-out, the message and, of course, the very nice tails! I check in on your blog occasionally and enjoy my visit every time. I noticed that you are an Ex Air force Ammo guy (I think?) who is into METAL, and in Texas. 1st off, I am an ex Cav soldier and a 55B10. Ammo Storage specialist in the border cav from 87-89 before the wall came down in 89. My unit guarded 152KM of East/West demarcation. 2nd, We just got our tickets to see TOOL/PRIMUS in New Orleans on 1/31/16 and thirdly, my wife has oilfield family all over south of Houston. We visit Santa Fe, Texas City, Lamarque and Kima quite often. We have a few things in common, huh? Keep up the good work on this blog and thanks for your service! Best, CAV SOLDIER

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