The Most Perfect Question Known


“When I was young I spent my days and nights with so much curiosity. Curiosity because I had the uncontrollable urge to learn, I wanted to understand everything. As a child I wanted to ask the questions that would enhance my knowledge of everything imaginable. Little did I know that I was using tools I was born with to help me grow and function in the world. Many years later now and I see the same thirst of knowledge in my son. Many people consider the question of why to be annoying, I look at it as an opportunity to explore.

But why do we stop asking so many meaningful questions the older we get? Perhaps it’s because we are taught fear and learn self apprehension. I say fear because maybe we’re afraid to find out what the answer would be, afraid to learn the truth. Perhaps finding out would change our path in life, which for some might bring about new opportunities but for others may bring about anguish and anxiety. I don’t suffer this fear, I want to know the answers good or bad. Maybe that is why I see many things and just cut to the chase and ask WTF.

I also say apprehension because to ask questions might bring with it uncertainty of what we may have to face the other side of the question asked. Sometimes we may feel it’s easier for someone else to ask the questions so that we can live our life without having to make decisions. Sometimes, more often than not, it is easier to be the sheeple. Why would people prefer to be lead? Why not cut your own path? Why? Because we are taught this way early on and many continue to live their lives that way. In the end continuing the cycle of ignorance.

Beyond parenting with school aged children I believe school should play a much better part. In school we’re taught to focus on finding the correct answers to questions that have already been asked, rather than ask our own questions. The problem with that is that one can never expand their minds that way. Without expanding our minds, we hold ourselves back, and we do not think out of the box. Someone else’s belief system will also become our belief system, someone else’s version of the right way to live our lives becomes our way, the way we mature into adults is someone else’s ideas, and so the cycle continues for generation after generation after generation.

We need to be allowed the opportunity to set up our own system so that we become individuals in our own right from a very young age. We also need to recognise other people’s beliefs just as we expect them to recognise ours too. When we learn new things we push ourselves beyond what we already know. We also allow ourselves to explore other people’s opinions of what they tell us so why not take the next step and ask why. Only then will we start to view the world differently. Seeing the world from a different point of view gives us more opportunities to be encouraged, to ask more questions so that we continue to challenge ourselves further. We may even make many new connections and many new discoveries along the way.

So I ask everyone here, why ever stop asking why?”

The above represents the first draft of a speech I have been asked to give on the final night of the science camp my son left to attend Monday morning. I was told that parents, teachers, friends, relatives, and the attending 7th and 8th graders would like to hear a motivational speech from me since many of the attending students are current and past Scouts (both Boy and Girl Scouts) that look up to me. Really? 90% of the reasons I am no longer a Scout leader is because I didn’t teach just out of the books, I tried to get the young minds to question what they didn’t understand until they found an answer which satisfied their inner curiosities. But, since I had been in many of their lives for around 14 or more years I saw no reason not to accept the honor. There is one requirement, it must be about learning.

While writing it I found myself thinking about if I were to write it right here what would it sound like? And I see it needs some polishing to say the very least. I can’t speak to this crowd as if they were reading a blog post. So, I will be refining it, tweaking it, and polishing it up so it will be a shiny turd of a speech. So far it has been interesting, I can’t remember writing a speech since high school because anytime I generally speak to a crowd I do it a la carte or very off the cuff. No, I am not nervous about giving the speech and no I don’t regret accepting the challenge, I only worry about dropping an F-Bomb (fuck) or three. I probably won’t bore all of y’all with the refined version other then reporting how it all went when the deed is done.

Finally I Can Make This Announcement

2014 Diablo Scorpion

I’m very pleased to be able to finally announce that the Diablo Scorpion 2014 Houston Rodeo Cookoff Team has been accepted to compete 27 February 2014 to 01 March 2014 in the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que cookoff in the 2014 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. That is right, y’all heard me correctly, my cookoff team will be participating in 2014. This will be the 3rd year I have brought a team to the cookoff, not in a row, and never winning, but it’s always fun to be in the midst of the world’s greatest cooks. I am but a pup in this competition amongst some of the biggest dogs known worldwide. It takes allot of work to get here, it costs allot of money to get to this point, and luckily the Diablo Scorpion Team has great sponsors. However, if y’all want to contribute to the cause then all y’all need to is contact me, find my e-mail address in the Contact Scorpion Sting tab above. Our team is unpaid, we are not professionals, and all proceeds after costs go straight into our non-profit organization 501c3 fund and is donated to our local Boy Scouts of America troop to help fund activities, provide supplies, and send them to camp.

So, if y’all will be in the Houston area on the dates listed above and plan on attending the 2014 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, then stop by the Diablo Scorpion booth and mention you saw this information on The Sting Of The Scorpion and we will provide you a plate of bar-b-que on the house. We will be selling t-shirts with the above logo at our booth where they will debut. We will not be selling alcohol but there are plenty of booths that will have it available. I look forward to this year’s competition with all the new people I will be meeting. This will be a perfect opportunity to meet me and my family in person. For those of y’all un-able to make it I will be providing plenty of pictures and a breakdown of the competition when it is all said and done. Wish us luck!

Boy Scout 1