Before She Was A Stripper

Strippers are not born. Yes, I know, all strippers are born but they are not born or destined to be a stripper. Strippers come from every background conceivable. One of my favorite questions I hate to answer is when someone asks me why a person becomes a stripper because for every person there is a reason and for every person there is her specific story. I will say that it has been my experience over the years that money is a key factor that lures women to strip their clothes off as a career. Even tho y’all will hear me joke about stripping as a profession or anything that happens around it I will remind y’all that it is a serious decision that I have never heard a stripper take lightly. I joke allot about allot of things and that has caused me much grief over the years. So, what makes me an expert? Well, I would not consider myself an expert because I have never filled the shoes of a stripper, but I have spent many years observing them, talking with them, and working around them. Some of y’all have that confused look on your faces now. For those of y’all unfamiliar with my recent past let me just add that I was a bartender in a full nude bar here in Houston for many years. Prior to that while I was serving in the United States Air Force and even when I was in college before, I found myself either working behind the bar or bouncing the door at many strip clubs over the years around the world. So, in the end, I have seen some things that can never be unseen, I have heard things that can not be unheard, and have done things that can not be undone. In the end I am but a nobody.
 So, let’s get to why we have gathered today. In an attempt to share what I have seen and heard over the years I found myself being questioned by some young men at my day job. They were sent to me to see if I could get them a “hook up” of some sorts at the club I used to work at. All I can say is let me make a call or two. I don’t mind giving them an inside edge on what to expect. I have to say I really love seeing newbies to the club because they turn into little giggly boys who are whispering and pointing and carrying on. The one thing that always shows excitement is pointing at a stripper. Once you do such a thing you might as well be marked for death because a veteran stripper won’t come near you now. So, what makes a stripper a stripper? Why are some rocks smooth and some rocks sharp? Over the years I have listened to stories from strippers. Most new strippers would hover around the bar observing everyone and then sometimes venturing out to make the initial contact. The bar really is the best vantage point in the entire club, I could see everything, even things I didn’t want to see. In many ways a stripper is a sales person since she is selling herself to the customer. It appears that this is one of the biggest obstacles to cross for new strippers since most of them have zero sales experience. But, they learn fast since being a stripper seems to be the best on the job training known to man. Being able to sell oneself is what makes the difference between a poor stripper and a well to do stripper. Every stripper has a story, every stripper has a background in something, and every stripper has a reason for stripping. Surprisingly, being a stripper is not in most women’s top 10 career choices they are thinking about making. Like most, I’ve asked my fair share of strippers why they are a stripper and every time I am just a little bit surprised.
We always need to remember that every stripper is somebody’s daughter, girlfriend, or wife. It is hard to remember that small factoid when you watch a stripper strip. It seems to be the first thing we forget when we watch a stripper taking off every thread of clothing solely for the sake of entertaining customers. I have met a handful of strippers who say they regret the choice of becoming a stripper. Most of the strippers I have talked with have no regrets of their choices tho. Like I said, everyone has their own reasons. In fact, if looked at this entire thing in an analytical fashion we would find that more often than not it is the men with all the misconceptions about strippers. The number one thing I have learned over the years is that many men visiting a strip bar see the stripper as a piece of meat and not a living, breathing human. Maybe that is some form of defense mechanism for men, I really don’t know. I know men go to strip clubs to “escape” the world they live in periodically. Every person who sits and watches a stripper remove her clothing for his entertainment is thinking something different. I promise you the stripper is only doing it for one reason, she wants to separate you from as much of your money as fast as she possibly can, period. While the man is entranced with the nakedness and the attention, the stripper is emptying his wallet. This is what they do. This is their job. The men in the club are the job. The men don’t have faces, they only are seen as dollar signs. It is the fine art of exchange when a stripper is stripping. I know many people who have never been to a strip club and never intend on going to a strip club because they don’t have a “need” to do so. I have often wondered what that “need” was and how it was defined. I guess, as an insider, I can say it is all just a big game because it is always about the money. A strip club is the wrong place to come looking for love and a stripper is the last girl you should be looking for love with. It’s a job. It’s a paycheck. Just remember that before she was a stripper she had a life, good or bad, she had a life. Her choices in her life are why she became a stripper. For many it is a notch in their belt, a stepping stone, and an opportunity to pad their bank account. I have never regretted working in the strip bar industry and I will never regret getting out of it as well.
I still have my little black notebook chock full of tidbits, stories, and confessions. As time progresses I keep telling myself I want to continue exploring the stories held within. The more I think of it the more I want to leave my book closed and at the same time I want to share. Keep checking back and we will see which side of my brain wins.