Scorpion Sting Answers 50 Questions


Greetings everyone. Since I posted these 50 Questions in an earlier post, I thought it would be fun, as well as interesting, to go ahead and answer all of them myself. As you can see, my answers are directly below each question. I hope you enjoy this little experiment as much as I have.

1 What do you regularly do before bed?
A) Shower, take medications, give myself an insulin shot.

2 Who would you say is there for you when you really need them?
A) My wife, my children, and a very short list of friends.

3 If given the opportunity, where would you time travel and who would you bring with you on the adventure knowing that you’re not going to alter anything in the present?
A) I would travel back to a time just prior to the discovery of the wheel with my kids so they could post the big event on Twitter and Facebook.

4 Is there anyone you miss a lot?
A) No, I have said all of my final goodbyes.

5 Favorite drink? (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
A) Crown Royal and Mountain Dew, either separate or mixed together.

6 Do you smoke weed or cigarettes?
A) I will only say cigarettes.

7 Would you help the last person you called/texted hide a dead body?
A) Yes

8 What would you take as a weapon if you were to go into a building to assassinate a crime lord that killed your family? Would you be discrete or go in and start killing people until you get to him?
A) My twin .50 cal Desert Eagles. Impossible to be discreet with hand cannons.

9 What are three norms that you absolutely hate?
A) Men can’t cook. Women are weak. Special needs children are contagious.

10 Who are your top three idols?
A) My father.

11 If you could go back to any point and time and do things differently, where would you go and why would you change things?
A) There wouldn’t be a trip. All things happened for a reason and that is just life.

12 Beer or Liquor?
A) Liquor

13 You have the opportunity to meet any musician, dead or alive. Who would you meet and why?
A) James Brown because without him music would NOT be what it is today.

14 What was a constant thought that passed your mind today?
A) The fact that my 17 y/o daughter will be having surgery on her foot tomorrow.

15 Are you going to school? What are your classes like/what’s your major?
A) Haven’t been in school for many moons.

16 Favorite video game?
A) Split Second and Minecraft.

17 Something you know you shouldn’t have done, but did anyway?
A) Will never tell, ever. It will die with me.

18 What is a television show that makes you want to strangle someone?
A) Way too many to list.

19 Most fucked up situation you have ever been in?
A) Refer to #17

20 The last time you were hugged and you cried?
A) This past weekend after my 17 y/o graduated she whispered in my ear “I love you daddy”.

21 Who is your favorite character from a film?
A) There are a few, but Captain Howdy from the movie Strangeland stands out right now. (Played by Dee Snyder)

22 Is there a film you can watch repeatedly and never get tired of it?
A) Fortunately there are many, too many to pick a top movie.

23 Make a list of bands/musicians that you recently started listening to.
A) I listen to so many new an old across a whole slew of genres so its hard to say. But, I have been jamming hard to Bearknuckle lately.

24 Do you think you would do well in a zombie apocalypse?
A) I say let’s roll the dice and see.

25 If the world was ending and you had two hours before the Earth was destroyed, what would you do?
A) Get front row seats with my family and friends. We would even have popcorn.

26 What was your first kiss like?
A) Wet and messy.

27 Favorite curse word(s)?
A) Just one, FUCK, and pretty much any bastardization of the word I can come up with on the fly.

28 Who do you think would visit you if you were in the hospital?
A) My wife for sure and most likely my children.

29 What do you think of most when you’re falling asleep?
A) The day that just happened. What will happen tomorrow. If my wife is awake or should I wake her up for a little surprise.

30 If you had to choose between immortality, wealth, or any six concert tickets with the opportunity to go to any of those concerts from any time period, which would you choose?
A) Wealth, because with wealth I can do what the fuck I want. But would I be happy?

31 What do you wish you could be doing right now?
A) Napping

32 Who is your favorite person in the world right now?
A) No clue

33 What do you think it would be like to have been born with a tail?
A) I wouldn’t mind so much I don’t think.

34 Do you like your name?
A) My name is great.

35 What would you do if two strangers started fighting in a convenience store full of people?
A) Wait til the bullets to start flying.

36 What are you looking forward to in the near future?
A) Taking our planned cruise to Cozumel where we will be visiting Mayan ruins. (Cross it off on the bucket list)

37 If you had to use three songs to define yourself, which three would you use?
A) So Fucking What by Metallica. Back in Black by AC/DC. Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne.


39 How do you feel about humanity?
A) Collectively, humans treat each other like shit because everyone on the planet is so uniquely different.

40 What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
A) Refer to #17

41 Do you have a internet crush? What would you do if you had the chance to hangout with them?
A) None

42 What do you want to do with your life?
A) Live it!

43 Which of your friends is the funniest?
A) I’m not telling.

44 Where do you go when you feel like shit?
A) My shop. I have cookies out there.

45 What is holding you back from doing something you really want to do?
A) Not a damn thing.

46 What state/country do you live in?
A) Texas. United States of America

47 Would you ever hangout with someone you met on the internet?
A) Yes.

48 When was the last time you got home and actually fell asleep withing ten minutes of making contact with your bed?
A) Never.

49 What really turns you on?
A) Living life with no regrets.

50 What is a memory that you’re very fond of?
A) The birth of my children.

Well, that’s it. Surprised at my answers? Why? And no, you can not ask me about #17 or any answer that refers to #17’s answer as the answer. I hope you enjoyed all of this and thank you for visiting The Sting Of The Scorpion.