A Battle Between My Two Favorites


Factor in the facts that I am riding a Goldwing listening to Ozzy @ full volume while I am cruising some very quiet country roads at very high speed. It reminded me of when The Ride Of The Valkyries plays as a vital part of the intimidating plot in one of my favorite movies ever, Apocalypse Now. If you are asking yourself how one can have anything to do with the other all I can tell you is my bike is as quiet as a mouse fart in a cemetery and screaming out of my speakers one can here Ozzy singing Crazy Train. I am heard before I am seen and have often wondered what goes thru other’s heads when they see the bright lights in the darkness and Ozzy barking at the moon. Would it freak you out?

Anyway, I find the therapy of drilling thru time listening to something hard, fast, and heavy gives me the freedom to shrug of things that bother me and gives me great pleasure when I am just out riding for no other reason except to be riding. What’s my point here? I found my way, have you found yours? Think about that for a while. The best part of all was the fact that my wife was along for the ride with me. She isn’t a fan of loud rock music or of going fast when she isn’t control, but loves to ride with me because it is time we spend together. We make time, we always make time to be together. Plus, after 15 years as a passenger, I was informed she wants to learn to ride and wants a bike of her own. Of course, she insists it will need to be something much, much smaller. And so, we begin another chapter in our relationship.

Now, go do what makes you happy!

Winner Of Provide The Caption #5

01 Apocalypse Cow 01

Caption Winner: janeybgood @ “Cupid Or Cats

Of course there is a bit of a back story to why the caption “Apocalypse Cow” was chosen unanimously (3-0 vote) by my children. They explained to me that out of 161 possible captions that were provided by many readers of The Sting Of The Scorpion that “Apocalypse Cow” was the hands down winner. Why? There were a few reasons, as it was pointed out to me, number one reason was because Apocalypse Now is my all time favorite movie and the fact that I can watch the entire movie on mute and can quote the entire movie. So, my children believed that because of the scenery in the picture that it reminded them of the movie so the choice was easy. They then modified the lower quote because over the years, when I’m grilling or smoking I said that very thing, “I love the smell of steak in the morning, it smells like ……………….. victory”. What can I say, my kids know me and what I like. So we celebrated last night after dinner by doing none other than watching Apocalypse Now with full on blasting volume. It was a beautiful moment, my wife by my side and two of my three children on the other couch, no phones, no tablets, no computers, just a hand in the popcorn as we all enjoyed daddy’s favorite movie.

Caption Winner: janeybgood @ “Cupid Or Cats