Have You Explored The Archives?


Why do I ask? I see in my daily statistics that a very small percentage of daily visitors, about 2% of over 2500 people, take time to look at anything but the first five or six posts. Not that my posts are actually important or command attention, but with just shy of 2800 posts, one might actually be able to see things from the past, particularly important for new visitors, and maybe just fun review for the regulars. I post a wide variety of subjects, both popular and unpopular, to include miscalanious posts one never knows he or she is looking for. For everyone cruising through the archives, clicking on the terms in the tag cloud, and searching terms important to you, I give y’all my full salute, that takes balls, courage, and dedication. For everyone else, the shit you are looking for just might be here but you’ll never know unless you get to clicking. Anyway, y’all know I appreciate every single one of you motherfuckers for visiting! Keep that shit up!

The Sting Of The Scorpion On Pinterest


Yes, y’all are reading correctly, The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog is now back on Pinterest. I swore a while back I would never have another account but due to popular (nagging) request I did it again. It was pointed out to me that it would make it easier to locate material if I used Pintrest, so, here y’all go. It isn’t much now but give me some time and I will have it incrediblized before y’all know it. There will also be a permalink to the right on this blog, or click the link above, or I can be searched using “scorpion68sting” as well.