Dark Poetry: Broken Mind


Dark poetry: Broken mind


A broken mind
Darkness rules with ruthless joy
No escape to find
No backdoor in this evil hell
Just me and my shadows of the past
Tirelessly torturing
Shamelessly demolishing what I am
What I once was
Never any relief 
Never are those memories kind
Just me and my demons from before
Please, nevermore
Spinning in an endless circle
Falling down an ungraceful spiral
Fighting to leave the madness behind
In vain
Going insane
No one saves me
No one can make me 
I ignite
Burst into all-consuming flames
It’s just me and my broken mind…

Just Patty.


For much more, please pay Patty a visit @ Petite Magique and show her some deserved love. If you let her, she will touch your soul. This poem was borrowed to share with y’all, just remember all of her works belong solely to her. I hope y’all enjoy her poetry and writing as much as I do. S.S.

Tattoos Sometimes Generate Attention


Why do females with tattoos get a bad rap these days? They are associated with “don’t mess with me” bad ass chicks, trashy/skanky girls, and hippie-love-child wannabes. But what if you just want a damn tattoo? Personally, I thought long and hard about permanently tagging myself before I committed to it. There was so much to consider, tattoos being permanent and all, and the last thing I wanted was to regret it after the fact. A tattoo is something permanent when you’ve made a self-discovery, or something you’ve come to a conclusion about…and a strong reminder to live fully in the moment.

Let’s face the reality though, a tattoo on a female is judged differently than a tattoo on a male. But why? Have you ever thought why?  So, let’s break down the pros and cons of the commitment we call a tattoo.

It Will Be On You Forever

The bad: Obviously, a trademark of a tattoo is that it’s permanent, which is part of both its charm and its demise. I know a girl who got an enormous tattoo on her ribcage and half of her stomach. Let’s be real here, people are living pretty damn long these days, which means stupid adages to “live fast, die fun” will be stuck on their torsos for just as long.

The good: Some tattoos are chosen simply for their permanence, such as getting your significant other permanently scrolled across your arm to proclaim your everlasting love, or for someone you lost, a part of your heritage, or something that means a lot to you. If placed in a strategic location, who cares if something important to you is on you forever? That’s the point!


It Will Generate Attention

The bad: Let’s face it, a lot of girls with tattoos are the same people who want people to look at them. Getting butterflies, flowers or dolphins inked in a visible location (i.e. lower back) is just begging guys to stare. Males and females alike will be judging her based on their own preference.

The good: Nothing screams “I am spontaneous and interesting” like a well-positioned, unique and understated tattoo. We humans are curious, we want to see and know everything.

It Is A Work Of Art

The bad: Apparently not all tattoo artists are on the same level. I know a few people who have received bad tattoos and deeply regret them. But even the best tattoos can bleed or fade, leaving your beautiful tattoo looking  like more of an eyesore than eye candy.

The good: We have to admire and love the freedom of expression. What many people forget is that tattooing is one of the oldest and most widely practiced forms of artwork. Also, tattooing an original design onto your body is an unparalleled mode of expression and can be liberating. The uniqueness and value you and others assign to tattoos is the only part that matters.

What Were These People Smoking?

Michael-Jackson-Thriller-Metal-Tribute-604x604This Entire Album Can Be Listened To @ Metal Injection

Really, I try not to judge people’s bad decisions. But when you dream something up that is this fucked up you go straight to the top of my Fucktard list. Everyone has an opinion about Michael Jackson, everything from a gifted artist to a pedophilic sexual predator. In my own opinion these guys really crossed the line with this tribute. Therefore, I will show you the album cover and I will provide you the link to the Metal Injection website so you can listen for yourselves. You will never see Michael Jackson anything ever on my blogs ever again, this will be the first and last time. The only reason you get it today is because it is just that fucked up. What in the fuck were these people smoking when they dreamed this bullshit up? That is all, back to what you were doing.

Art Felt Beyond The Eyes Of The Creator

Originally Posted 29 August 2012


I have been talking alot with my friend at the club about her being a dancer. Amy has me very curious because she is totally deaf. Being deaf is all she has known since she explained to me that she was born deaf. We communicate mainly with ASL and writing things down, she always comments that I can just talk to her because she is a fine lip reader. Even so, I feel alot is lost in translation. Amy remains the most interesting person I talk with at the club. Due to her so called “disability” and my ASL knowledge our boss sees to it that she spends 90% of the night dancing on my bar (a stage on one side and bar on the opposite) and out of the stage rotation for the most part. Which is great for her I think because her “fans” always know where to find her.


I have been informally interviewing Amy for quite a while now, it’s regular conversations but there are specific things I like to talk about with her. First is the fact that she is a dancer (stripper) in a full nude club. Now, I have been “talking” with Amy for over 6 months now as well as watching how well she dances to her music choices. She has always told me she dances based on “feeling” the music. When she feels the music she can close her eyes and “hear” the music, which she says is more like seeing the music in her head. Taking my hearing for granted, I understand being able to feel the music in my body but I am very sure our interpretations of what we feel are very different. I have the luxury of being able to hear music and feel music. Amy told me once, while laughing at me, that being able to hear the music is actually a burden for me because my brain has become lazy and doesn’t actually know what it is feeling. Makes sense in many ways. The club is so damn loud that I wear hearing protection to drown out the “noise”, yet I still hear everything clearly, just at a much lower volume.


She is also a proclaimed self-taught artist. She is very interesting to listen to when she explains her art to me as she sees it. She considers her art to fall into the category of abstract because she interprets what she is feeling as well as seeing. As discussed, feeling the impact of something for her is much different than it is for me. I can relate in a way, being color blind I see the world much different than most see it. There is something in her art that makes a person, me at least, want to reach out and touch it. Sounds bizarre, but it is what I was compelled to do more than once.


She, like many artists, has a complex definition of “abstract art” in a way that it isn’t realistic yet it is. Yet even though she calls her work abstract to a point, she actually always has a subject in mind when she paints. She takes a figure, an object, or landscape and simplifies it, then exaggerates it, and then stylize it all in some way. She yells me that she is not trying to imitate things she sees, but to uses these things as a jumping off point. The colors, lines, and forms are more important than the actual details of the actual subject matter. She just wants to give a sense or a feel for the subjects she paints rather than an exact replication. Throughout our conversations I have collected that her art has no intentional beginnings in any subject and is really non-representational.


She seems to be blessed with a natural interest in the visual world. Others, like myself, can only try to cultivate this sense by paying attention to their surroundings. Seeing our environment is easy if we take off the headphones, put down our book, turn off the television and just look at our world to see everything we were missing. Her and I have this in common, as a people watcher I am often amazed at the joy I experience by just looking. Amy takes it a few steps further than most because she sees things differently than I do, she has no sense of “sound” to help identify or clarify something that may be happening around her. On the flip side, I would have to guess that because I can hear these things that my senses are not as sharp. Never hearing a single sound in her life, I wondered if when she was in the womb of her mother how silent that must have been. I would like to think that the heartbeat of her mother gave her comfort in ways I can’t even begin to imagine.


She told me the next time I look at painting, or any kind of art to not begin by searching for some identifiable object from my world. Instead, try to enter her world and the world created by it. Relax and let your eye leisurely wander over the painting’s surface. Let your heart and mind react to its colors, shapes, and textures. Knowing that I react differently to colors than her, I still react. Let yourself be drawn into the illusion of its spaces, the action of its lines, the mood of its atmosphere. Now step back and look at the painting from a distance. What is it’s impact as you approach it? Amazing advice. I tried it, more than once on the same piece of art and I reacted differently each time. She is smart way beyond the 19 years she has been on this Earth. I have learned much from her, maybe I can see and hear the things in my world a little differently now.