If You Want Strange, We Got It

IMG_20140121_102122624Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my back deck and saw something strange way off in the distance. I called for my son and told him to take a ride down past the pond to see if he could find out what I was seeing in the distance. He sent the above picture in a text to me. Is this truly strange? It is strange in my opinion because it is a cluster of 30+ balloons tied together in a bundle in a place that I would figure almost impossible to get into. But, as we can see, the balloon cluster has found it’s way into the swamp I have fenced off in the northwest corner of my property. They are on my property but in an area that is fenced off to keep the small kids out. So, we have a mystery to try to figure out how they got where they are. If they “dropped” in then they had to drop missing thorn covered trees plus they landed in thorny brush. I can’t see how they would have blown in horizontally either because I would think it would be even more treacherous than falling in. Anyway, I thought this was puzzling and a strange phenomena so I decided to share simply because it shouldn’t be. In almost 8 years this will be the first bit of trash ever to make it into the swamp through all the gnarly undergrowth. Any ideas or thoughts y’all would have to offer are readily welcome.