Why? Because I’m The Bartender


Okay, so for the couple of days I have posted some really fucked up international alcohol bastardizations, yes, I’m aware of all of this already. No shit, I’m the one posting them. As a result or response to to these postings I have been getting emails and messages exclaiming protest. There have even been a few who just wanted to tell me goodbye because their stomachs couldn’t handle any more. The common question is “why” am I posting such disgusting alcoholic beverages? Why? Why? Why indeed. Do I need a reason? Do I need permission? Where was the warning? Warning? Y’all need a warning? I’m still laughing, can y’all hear me? I’m pretty sure I don’t need any permission to post. The simple answer to ALL your questions is that I’m a bartender.

As a bartender, I enjoy studying about new, different, or non-mainstream ways of preparing, presenting, and serving the drinks I make. Oh, Yea, sure, I work in an American bar, but I don’t have to make it boring. On top of that, I bartend in a full nude strip club, so nothing is exactly normal about mixing or serving drinks there. Sometimes in my research I get sidetracked, then I begin to start a little reminiscing of my time in Japan, Iceland, and Korea, as well as some other places I can’t mention because “I was never there”. Then BOOM!, that shit ends up right here. Its not magic, it just happens. My wife says I have bartender on the brain, meaning that I never stop thinking of ways to use alcohol.

Were some of the pictures less than appetizing? Yes, of course they were, but to some people it was like a trip to the pantry or liquor cabinet. It was the perfect opportunity to launch one if my new categories, Odd Drinks Around The World, because that shit had no other place to be listed. We will be seeing more bizarre alcohols in the future, just know I do it because I’m the bartender.