Question & Answer Time

Over the last couple of months I have received a shitload, a shitload being considerably larger than a mere boatload, of questions about the origins of not only this blog, but my other two as well. Surprisingly enough, all three do pretty well as far as visitors are concerned. I have to remind myself every once in a while that these blogs pick up new viewers daily and the are not aware of any kind of back story. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to give a quicky overview of what we have going on here. But first, first I must thank ALL of the people who list my blog(s) in their links and blogrolls, since the links get clicked on, in my opinion, out of pure curiosity. So, a big thank you to all of y’all. Secondly, I would like to mention my own blogroll (found on the right-hand side here) where one can see many of the blogs I have link exchanged with and where y’all will find any links in the future that I want to share. Want to swap links? If so, then just let me know.


So, first there is The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog (here where you are at now, a.k.a. T.S.O.T.S.B.) which is my main blog, where I talk about pretty much anything I want and share pretty much anything I want. It is a secretly consulted blog by my wife who, many times, provides input to how I say things here. Other than that, all I can say is that this is my blog to share whatever in the fuck is on my mind.


Second, there is my blog, T.S.O.T.S.B Tattoo Glamour which is a NSFW exploration of tattooed and pierced people of the female persuasion. This blog, with the help of my wife, gives an illustrated view of beautiful female bodies that have been tattooed and/or pierced. A subject close to heart here in my home as my wife is both tattooed and pierced. So, in our admiration of women bold enough to be tattooed and/or pierced, a collection was started and grows all the time.


Thirdly, there is T.S.O.T.S.B. Lingerie Glamour which is the NSFW monochromatic appreciation of women in lingerie where y’all will see modesty isn’t on the menu! While visiting, y’all can enjoy everything from selfies to glamour with everything in between! Although I must give you a final warning because y’all won’t be seeing your grandma’s lingerie anywhere on this blog. Again, around here, we like lingerie of all sorts and this blog gives us the opportunity to show y’all lingerie of the present. All women are sexy and all women wearing lingerie are especially sexy in my opinion.

So, there y’all have it, feel free to click the tires and take us for a ride. We are not blogs for the tastes of everyone but then again one never knows unless you sneak a peek. With that being said I leave y’all to explore and experience what we have to offer. I hope this sums it all up for those who had questions, all I can say now is to explore around here, most of the dark corners are full of surprises. Enjoy, and remember to eat it every day!

You Visited Here Looking For Hamsters?


I really don’t want to sound ungrateful that a search engine “sometimes” might be more than a little misleading when listing my blog or one of my posts in the search results. That’s what we do, right, we search the Internet for the topic we seek and weed through the results, right? Well, I know that is how I do it anyway. I received a very interesting email from a new follower who was sent here by “mistake” thanks to Internet search results. She says she was looking for information on hamsters such as health issues, lifespan, care, and habitat. She says she was very excited to see, in the search results, that someone had done a blog post about the very things she had questions about. To say she was disturbed and equally disappointed when she started reading would be a grand understatement because the post she read was about how I raised gerbils and hamsters as live food for my snakes. The post did, however, cover the information she was seeking, as I had written about the quality of the small mammals as a great protein packed meal which was very safe and clean for reptiles such as pythons to consume. I did write about habitat, diseases, lifespan, and how I raised them as a food source, not as pets.

As she continued to read the post she explained that she became oddly intrigued by my “writing style” and how I seemed to care for my animals. Becoming sidetracked now, she began to read other posts and came to the conclusions that this blog wasn’t exactly about hamsters at all, that it was just some guy writing about different things in his life. Which is true, real life beats fiction hands down every single fucking time. But, her email wasn’t all about blowing rose petals up my skirt, she also had a few very direct questions about my “content”. As polite as she was, she had a point to make. Her main one was that she likes the way I paint the picture, how I try to place the reader in the ” scene “, but can in my words that I limit what or how I say things which kills the whole story for her. Not everyone has a great graphic imagination, if they can’t ” see” it then it is hard to follow for many. She continued to explain she sees that I have written about my haters a bit, reminding me she is a fan and not a hater, before she says that I should write to share, yes, but on my terms, not the haters.

Long story short, there is something to be learned here in the twisted way life gives lessons and that is that you will never know what is behind door #1 if you don’t open the damn door. So very true here as it is in life. Here she came looking for something about hamsters and found out that they are a proper food source for pythons as well as great little pets. She tells me she likes the bartender stories, although she has only read a few, and what I’ve written about the VA since she has a few family members that have all but given up on their own fight. I guess the moral to this whole story is about scratching past the surface, peeling back the layers, and maybe find something you had no intention looking for in the first place. I mean, that is the reason we search the internet is it not, looking for something we didn’t know. Often I wish life itself had a search button, but then life would be to easy wouldn’t it. In fact, I’ve been wondering lately if life smokes after it fucks me or is life just a smiler, waiting for gratitude for the hard screw. I will probably never know!