Family Vacation Time Is Finally Here!

_20140811_095658Yes, it’s true, my family and I will be going on vacation tomorrow, to a place undisclosed to anyone except me. Sure, they know we are going somewhere but don’t know where that somewhere actually is. So, since they view this blog daily I will not be able to disclose any details except when. And, the only reason I am doing that is so when you don’t see me posting you don’t think I’m dead or something. As a bonus, I might even tell y’all about it when I get back. Deal? This short vacation will not only affect The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog but will also mean I will not be posting on Guide To Ball Pythons as well. I do have a post for the Guide that will post today and, of course, I’m not done here yet either. Hopefully y’all will not miss me too much and realize I’ll be back real soon.

Good Morning November 1st 2013


I was presented with this spectacular sight this morning while I was out on my back deck waiting to go to work. The area that looks like it is glowing is directly over the river that is behind my house. There is nothing else in that direction for many, many miles. I took a picture thinking it was cool and just wanted to share. So, now y’all can get back to your regularly scheduled day.