True Story. Happened To Me Today


When I answered this call today I immediately heard a very familiar song began to play, “Highway To Hell” (AC/DC). As I listened to the music I waited for a conversation to begin but after the 3 1/2 minutes the call ended on its own. Now, as shown here on the two screenshots, I did not answer the call the first time because I was in shock. However, when the call came in minutes later, I was intrigued, so I answered it.

Now, luckily I was able to screenshot this call because nobody was going to believe this shit really happened. Many possibilities ran through my skull as to who was behind the call. My wife recommended calling Verizon (our carrier) so they could investigate the calls. After about an hour I get a call back from them with their “answer”. Seems this call was routed, rerouted, and then encrypted through some 30 odd countries, yet they cannot determine an origin. So, somebody is actually pretty good at playing the protocol game. Yes, it is strange, very strange, I know. I did call the number back and it doesn’t even ring, the call just disconnects.

But, I do think it is funny. Thank you to whomever came up with this idea because I was sucked in enough to actually answer a call from ” Satan”. So, if it is someone reading this post, just stand up and take a bow, fuck it, take two.