We All Have One Of These Drawers

We All Have One Of These DrawersWe all have one of these drawers, the catchall drawer for anything and everything. For some reason it is the first place we look for whatever it may be that we are hunting. It doesn’t matter where I live in the world there is always a catchall drawer somewhere to be the savior of everything we don’t know what to do with. I don’t know about your drawer but mine always ends up full of trash, empty cartons, and empty packages as well. I could swear this drawer started out with tape, a note pad, and a few pens. What in the hell happens? I clean the catchall drawer out at least twice a year tossing out everything that isn’t needed. But, I swear to you, when I come back it looks exactly the same. It’s a damn conspiracy I tell y’all. Yes, I hear ya, just organize the drawer and the problem eliminates itself. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! All of the crap will just “mysteriously” collect in another drawer. Is it so hard, I just wanted a pen.