Taking Time To Make The Time


More often then not I will spend most mornings doing three things, reading emails, reading comments, and visiting an assload of blogs to see what others have been writing while I struggled staying asleep all night. I, like everyone, have the same 24 hours in a day to make the time to do that which I enjoy. Sadly, a downfall of mine, is more often than not, I don’t leave a comment or reply, thinking I will remember to “come back” to finish, and then forgetting. Who else does that? There are times, more often then not, I “walk” away from posts I disagree with because I don’t like trying to sway the opinions of a convinced writer, it’s not my job. Unless, of course, the truth is actually false due to misguidance or misinformation, even then I often let sleeping dogs lie. What good does it do for the tail to wag the dog.

I guess my point is that I need to commit more time to commenting at the time when I am reading and start re-blogging the posts I really like, which I have found exposes us to a wider circle of readers. I just need to figure out how to easily re-blog posts from the Blogger/Blogspot format to mine here at WordPress. Any suggestions? Which reminds me, reading a post this morning I noticed that another blogger feels that blogs are generally not “policed” for content, with that I must personally disagree because I feel under attack quite a bit of the time. But, that’s another post another time. So, get ready for more comments from me on the blogs I follow, I hope we are all ready because it could get ugly fast. I consider it unfortunate that I am brutally honest because many take it as me being over the top rude in more ways than one. I can live with that assumption. I was born with a sarcastic seed within and I have no problem letting it grow bigger day by day. By the way y’all, I enjoy all of the comments that happen here, sometimes it shows me I really am not alone here on the world wide web of life.