Is An Illegal Search Constitutional?


October 18, 2014
Benjamin Austin
Original @ Free Patriot

REPORT: Obama’s Secret Service Tried to Enter Home Without Warrant… Local Police Kept Their Oath and Refused

The Constitution only works if it is followed and honored by those sworn to defend it — and luckily, it looks like those people do still exist.

A new report has harsh words for Barack Obama’s Secret Service detail, and claims that they tried to violate the Constitution and pressured local law enforcement to falsify documents. However, police officers in Tennessee reportedly refused to comply with the illegal requests, and stood up against the unconstitutional actions.

News Channel 5 reports that Secret Service agents told Nashville police to falsify a warrant, in order to illegally go after who citizen who posted alleged “threatening” comments critical of Obama on Facebook.

Reportedly, Secret Service agents visited the home of a citizen in Nashville, and knocked on his door to interrogate him about social media posts. However, the individual refused to allow the agents to enter without a warrant — which is of course his legal right.

That’s when the Secret Service called for backup from the local police. They claimed that the man was armed in his own home — again, not illegal — and demanded that the local police “wave a piece of paper” as a fake warrant, to dupe their way inside the house.

The Nashville police refused. They told the Secret Service that the man was legally allowed to have a gun in his own home, and that they had no reason for a warrant.

When the Chief of Police heard about the illegal request to violate citizens Constitutional rights, he got angry — and then he took action. Chief Steve Anderson contacted the Secret Service Director to complain about the illegal request… but in response, he was told to “mind his own affairs.” The Secret Service refused to investigate the problem.

The angry Anderson then met with Secret Service officials, and asked: “Do you think it is appropriate to wave a piece of paper in the air and tell him you have a warrant when you do not have a warrant?” Their arrogant response? “I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer.”

To his credit, Chief Anderson kept pushing. He sent a harshly critical letter to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight, complaining about the attitude and illegal actions of Obama’s Secret Service. That letter is available online here — and it’s getting a lot of attention.

What do you think — is it time for Congress to take action against the overreach and illegal actions of Obama’s administration, or would that action do nothing to fix the problem?

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