Never "Pounce" The Messenger

Originally Posted To: Hate Mail on 12 June 2013

You want funny? After posting the story “The First Impression” I got an e-mail from a very angry mother demanding I provide her with the full name of A.K. so she can protest her employment to the execs at Disney World. She used some colorful language about me and A.K. that I will post here momentarily after I say a few words. I gave an understood promise that I would withhold all names in the stories passed upon to me. I plan on upholding my part of the deal. Eventhough these stories night be tall tales or well elaborated I still take into consideration to post them as they appear in my in-box and that will never change. I do respect the opinions of the people who read my blog. However, people need to respect me by understanding that these are my blogs. I don’t write or post things for fame or fortune, I post for fun and to share the world around me. Every single person makes a choice coming to my blogs and they are free to make the choice to leave as well, no harm, no foul. So, on to her e-mail.


“Mr. Scorpion Sting,


I found your post about the girl who plays the character of Tigger at Disney World very distasteful. I would think that a father of three and grandfather of one that you would be able to see the disturbing characteristics displayed by this slutty girl. By writing this post you have put a smear on  everything about Disney. If she is actually an employee at Disney World it is your obligation to turn her in to the management because she is around small children as well as adults. Do you think it would matter to her if she went around fucking married men or boys under the age of 18? If you do then you are just as sick as this slut. To think that she is as desperate as she stated and is using her position for her own sexual pleasures. I understand that there is dating in the workplace, with customers, and visitors, but Scorpion, even you should be able to see that the behavior is grossly inappropriate for where she works. The story put images in my head which I can’t get out now. We recently made a trip to Disney World and we have many pictures of our family with Tigger. If I would have read this story before I would have never ever let any of the characters near my husband, kids, or myself since I would have been fearful that Tigger was sizing us up for a pouncing.


As I sit here, looking at all of the pictures we had with Tigger I am forced to wonder if A.K. is in the suit and what she is thinking. You might consider taking down this post because I see big trouble coming for you. I am planning to write to the executives of Disney World to inform them they have a slut running around in a Tigger suit and her behavior is unspeakable. My letter would make more of an impact if I had this girl’s real name so they can properly remove her from employment. I ask nicely this time for you to provide it to me.


Alice W.
Eau Claire, WI”


First, there is no chance in hell I will ever provide anything to anybody without a court order. Fat chance getting that since you don’t have an actual complaint or grievance. I forwarded your e-mail to A.K. and told her to reply to you as she pleases and only if she pleases. I wouldn’t hold your breath. In all fairness I will remind everyone, Alice, that you need to read things like my blogs with a grain of salt. Not everyone tells the truth all the time. According to A.K. her story wasn’t embellished in any way and she is still an employee for Disney World. If nothing else, just understand that we all don’t live the same lives with the same structure as everyone else. I look forward to hearing from you again because I don’t think you are actually done and still need to unload some more bullshit in my in-box. Until we meet again Alice……..Get Off My Tail Unless You Are Going To Stroke It!